Top 11 Reasons Why You Should Choose Nepal as Your Next Travel Destination

Nepal is the country with the world’s highest mountain range. Aren’t we all crazy for mountains, hills, jungle safaris, trekking, lakes, paragliding, rafting, and other thrilling activities? These all-beautiful stuff in one package would never be overlooked. Nepal offers everything, and seeing all of the beautiful surroundings brings a smile to your face.

Here Are Reasons Why You Should Choose Nepal as Your Next Destination:

The Annapurna Region:

This is one of the top trekking destinations in Nepal, if not the globe, to enjoy Mother Nature’s daring creations. This region rises from Pokhara, the Queen of Lakes, and ties ‘herself’ to some of the world’s most beautiful green-and-lush vegetation before displaying the rich life of Nepal’s Majestic Himalayas. It’s extremely improbable that you won’t fall in love with this region at first sight. The Annapurna Region is known across the world for its diverse [trekking] cuisine. There’s something for everyone here, from a three-week Annapurna Circuit that includes the historic Mustang district to fast three-day hikes.

World Highest Peaks:

Nepal is home to eight of the world’s ten tallest peaks, including Mt. Everest, the world’s highest mountain. If you trek to the top of any random hill in Nepal, you will be rewarded with unreal vistas of White Mountain Peaks, a spectacular sunrise and sunset, and a view of the Himalayan Range.

Bird Watching:

Nepal is home to about 850 different (recorded) bird species. The national bird of Nepal, Lophophorus, also known as Himalayan Monal or Danphe, is as colorful as the country itself, and it is already an exquisite experience to observe them traveling in their natural habitats; the Himalayan Region. Nepal is home to a diverse range of birdlife, with an estimated 8% of the world’s birdies – as measured by the bird population. Perhaps the temperature and quiet nature areas of Nepal are to account for this outcome.

Numerous Adventures:

Nepal is not only a tourist destination, but it also offers a variety of daring activities that will spice up your trip and make it more adventurous and heroic. Mountaineering, trekking, boating, rafting, canoeing, wildlife safaris, paragliding, zip flying, bungee jumping, and skydiving are just some of the adventure activities that await your unique touch.

World Heritage Sites:

Nepal is a small country in terms of size, yet it is home to 10 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, giving it a special status. World Heritage Sites are tranquil places to visit, but despite the rehabilitation effort – which was prompted by the earthquake – the sites are still worth seeing. Nepal, on the other hand, is a walking museum with thousands of temples and historical artifacts. We urge that you explore Nepal’s numerous (both crowded and quiet) alleys and nooks to take home a souvenir of the country’s Old and Vintage Culture.

Value for Money:

Nepal is a budget-friendly place for a vacation, lengthy vacation, or even a Honeymoon. If you compare the price of hiking, treks, or tours in Nepal to the rates in other countries, statistically and financially, the difference may indicate that Nepal is a budget country. Nepal has an amazing range of food prices; you could live here for $10 per day, and clean accommodations are available for around $18.50 per night.

Lakes in Nepal:

Pokhara is our country’s most popular tourism destination. Phewa Lake, Sarangkot, David’s Fall, Mahendra Cave, and paragliding are just a few of the attractions of Pokhara. Phewa Lake, which has a depth of 23 meters, is a great area to go boating for hours while taking in the beauty. Rara Lake is located in Nepal’s northern region and is described as a lake. This lake is so unusual that it may change color seven times depending on the time of day. One of Nepal’s most famous lakes is Gosaikunda Lake, commonly known as a frozen lake. The lake’s water is thought to be sacred. There are numerous other lakes with historical significance.

Great variety of Cultures:

Nepal has around 103 ethnic groups. They all have their own religions, dialects, musical influences, and distinct culinary styles. Nepal is a calm country where people enjoy sharing positive energy, smiles, and plenty of food. (If you’re invited to lunch or dinner by a Nepalese family, make sure you’re hungry.) Because, prepare yourself, food is on the way). Nepal is the only country in the world where the living goddess “Kumari” can be found.

Nepalese Cuisine:

Nepalese cuisine has its own distinct flavor profile, mixing spices from the north (China) and south (India). In terms of flavor balance, Nepalese cuisine outperforms South Asian cuisine. Nepalese kitchens make significantly healthier food, and Nepal is a vegetarian and non-paradise. vegetarian’s Lentils, tomatoes, yogurt, garlic, and other “masala” (or ingredients) are added to the recipes to make them inherently excellent. In Nepal, food is relatively inexpensive.

You will get a sense of peace:

Nepal is far from prosperous, but it is an ideal location for anyone seeking peace. A Nepal visit is a journey to inner calm in and of itself. It has a pleasant, laid-back atmosphere with all the amenities of a developed country. The tranquillity of the countryside might easily hypnotize you, but even a leisurely stroll through Kathmandu’s Thamel quarter can provide some relief. Pokhara, the lake city, is also a great spot to relax, where you can breathe clean air, gaze at the tranquil lake, or view the mesmerizing snow peaks.

River Rafting:

The Trishuli River is a well-known rafting destination. The adrenaline rush, the fresh air and water, and the breathtaking scenery are all highly captivating. The confidence you gained while passing through raging waves is akin to the path we take in life. The more self-assurance one gets, the better. The more determined and forceful one grows, the more powerful one becomes.

Other exciting activities in Nepal include Astrek Climbing, Ice Skating, and Art Paradise. Astrek Climbing, to put it another way, is a place where you may practice climbing and have a good time. Ice skating is a whole other sensation. Art Paradise, which was newly opened, is one of the most attractive spots in Kathmandu’s city center.
You must include Nepal on your next travel itinerary for all of these wonderful reasons. One would adore all of the locations and would never regret visiting Nepal.

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