Himlung Peak Expedition

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The Himlung is located in the Manaslu region, northeast of the Annapurna range, not far from the Tibetan border. The area was opened by the Nepali government in 1992. The expedition for Himlung Himal (7126M) travels to Koto through the Annapurna Circuit and then proceeds toward Nar-Phu Gaon from Koto. The road travels by lofty peaks, steep passes, isolated settlements, slender gullies, forests, rocks, springs, Gompas, and distinctive cultural sites. Few tourists have traveled to the area because it is undeveloped and secluded.

The height of himlung himal is 7126M

You circumnavigate the Annapurna route on the way to Himlung. After that, this path will lead you to some charming towns like Koto and Na-phu Gaun. The route from Naphu Gaun to Manang has just recently been made accessible to tourists. Because of this, you will travel by stunning high peaks and passes on your journey. Glaciers, springs, woods, and hospitable people are some of the other great gifts of nature that can be found along the road. Any summit over 7000 meters takes a high level of fitness to climb. Climbing the Himlung Himal is hence not recommended for those with less training. To climb the Himlung Himal in Nepal, you must have a level of fitness that is above ordinary.

Himlung Himal facts:

Here are some facts about Himlung Himal:

  1. Elevation: 7,126 meters (23,386 feet) above sea level.
  2. Location: Located in the Manaslu region of Nepal.
  3. First ascent: The first successful ascent of Himlung was made by a Japanese team in 1992.
  4. Difficulty: Himlung is considered a challenging ascent due to its remote location and difficult route to the summit.
  5. Technical skills: Climbing Himlung requires technical mountaineering skills.
  6. Mountain range: Himlung is part of the Himalayan mountain range.
  7. Scenery: The summit of Himlung offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountain range.
  8. Adventure: Himlung is a popular destination for experienced climbers who seek adventure and a challenge.
  9. Conservation: The area surrounding Himlung is protected by the Manaslu Conservation Area, which aims to preserve the natural and cultural heritage of the region.
  10. Trekking route: The base camp of Himlung can be reached via the popular trekking route to Manaslu.

Himlung Peak Expedition: Difficulty

Any mountain exceeding 6000 meters in height will require a high level of fitness to climb. However, this mountain’s ascent is not as challenging as ascents to peaks higher than 8000 meters, such as Everest or Annapurna. However, it will benefit you greatly if you prepare as though you were going on the 8000-meter trek. Since this is an expedition rather than a hike, you will need to become familiar with the fundamentals of mountaineering. You must also account for the additional equipment you will need to bring on your excursion, such as a stove and ropes. This means that in order to complete the adventure, you must become exceptionally fit.

Himlung Peak Climbing: Acute Mountain Sickness

Increasing altitude causes acute mountain sickness, which can be fatal if untreated in a timely manner. The most frequent Himlung Himal expedition obstacle is this one. Because there is less air pressure and oxygen in high altitudes, altitude sickness results in breathing problems. As oxygen levels fall with each ascent on the trails, it has an impact on your health. You may have symptoms including a headache, nausea, vomiting, trouble sleeping, trouble moving about, shortness of breath, and many others. Inform your guide or a nearby partner right once if you have any of the aforementioned symptoms.

Himlung Peak Climbing: Weather and Temperature

Another Himlung Himal Difficulty to take into account is the weather, which can change frequently. While moving upward, the weather is still erratic. Every 100 meters of elevation gain results in a 0.60 degree drop in air temperature. The weather is in the negatives by the time you get to Camp III. Both the day and night will be warm, with frigid temperatures in between.

Himlung Peak Climbing: Best Time

In Nepal, the season for expeditions starts in March or April. The expedition to Himlung Himal should be over now. This is a result of the relatively chilly weather. As a result, expeditionists can acquire adequate footing in the snow since the snow doesn’t melt. The autumn season, which is between October and November, is another popular time of year for this adventure. The weather in these two months is comparable to that in March and April. This indicates that the chances of successfully completing the mission are highest during these two seasons.

Himlung Peak Expedition: Accommodation

Up to the Himlung Base Camp, which is the lower point of the excursion, the meals and accommodation are as ordinary as they can be. The food provided will be the same as what you would find on other Nepali hiking routes. This contains the customary Dal Bhat from Nepal. Pizza and other continental and Chinese dishes are occasionally available. However, you won’t find such amenities above the Himlung Base Camp. Food will need to be prepared on a carry-around burner. When you leave Himlung Base Camp and travel to the high altitude areas, you will also need to erect tents.

Himlung Peak Climbing: Trekking Route

On this journey, you first drive for 7 hours to Bulbule, after which you begin hiking to Jagat the following day. From there, you travel to Dharapani and Koto. You travel to Meta and begin your trek to Phu after spending the previous night relaxing. Your trek to Himlung Base Camp, the expedition’s high point, is the last step. Tents and other supplies are used to make this your camp. You have roughly 14 days to acclimatize, get ready for the climb, reach the peak, and go back to the base. You stay in the area for a further four days after that before making your way back to Kathmandu.

Himlung Peak Climbing: Cost

The size of the group, the level of hotel accommodations, and the amenities you desire in the mountain will all affect the cost of the trip. You will have to pay $9500 to Himlung Expeditions for your first ascent. The majority of the climbing equipment, such as boots, helmets, crampons, harnesses, and ascenders, as well as all ground transportation, food, lodging, and round-trip flights from Kathmandu to Lukla are included, as are sleeping bags, down jackets, climbing permits for Himlung Peak, and sleeping bags and down jackets. We strongly advise you to finish your homework before attempting to climb Himlung Peak since it is no joke and your life cannot be valued in money. Never cut corners to save a few dollars.

Following an agreement between the agency and the customer, the itinerary may be modified. Before processing the trip, additional activities may be added or removed at the client’s choice. Price reductions for fewer activities may be possible, and additional activities may be introduced with mutual consent.

Himlung Peak Expedition FAQs:

Himlung himal height

The height of Himlung Himal is 7,126 meters (23,386 feet) above sea level.

Himlung Himal weather

The weather on Himlung Himal can be unpredictable and extreme, with low temperatures, high winds, and heavy snowfall. During the climbing season, which typically takes place from April to June and from September to November, temperatures can range from -20°C (-4°F) to -30°C (-22°F) at higher elevations. Strong winds and snowstorms are common, making it difficult for climbers to reach the summit. Due to the unpredictable nature of the weather, it is important for climbers to be well-prepared and equipped with the proper gear and clothing.

Himlung Peak Climbing cost

The cost of climbing Himlung Peak can vary depending on several factors, including the length of the trip, the number of people in the group, the level of support required, and the choice of equipment and supplies. On average, a typical Himlung Peak climbing expedition can cost anywhere from $7,500 to $10,000 or more.
The cost typically includes transportation to and from the base camp, food and lodging while on the mountain, equipment rental, a guide and support staff, and park and permit fees. However, it is important to note that the cost can vary greatly depending on the level of luxury and support desired, as well as the specific services included.

Himlung Himal Difficulty

Himlung Himal is considered a challenging peak to climb, requiring technical mountaineering skills and experience. The ascent to the summit involves steep snow and ice slopes, as well as navigating crevasses and other hazards. The remote location of Himlung and the unpredictable weather conditions in the region make it a demanding climb that should only be attempted by experienced and well-prepared mountaineers.
In addition to the physical and technical challenges, climbers must also be prepared for the altitude and the effects of high altitude sickness. Acclimatization is important, as the climb to the summit of Himlung takes place at elevations above 6,000 meters (19,685 feet).
Overall, climbing Himlung Himal is not for the faint of heart, and should only be attempted by those with the necessary skills, experience, and physical fitness. However, for those who are up to the challenge, the experience of climbing Himlung and the breathtaking views from the summit are truly unforgettable.

Himlung himal Base Camp

The base camp of Himlung Himal is situated at an elevation of approximately 5,450m meters above sea level. It is typically reached through a trekking route in the Manaslu region of Nepal, which takes several days and passes through remote villages and stunning mountain scenery. The base camp serves as a starting point for the ascent to the summit of Himlung Himal and is equipped with basic amenities for climbers, such as tents and cooking equipment. Climbers use the base camp to acclimatize to the altitude, prepare for the climb, and receive support from guides and porters. The base camp provides a unique and remote experience for adventurers and mountaineers, but it can also be harsh and challenging due to the high altitude and challenging weather conditions.

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