Best Pubs and Rock Bars in Thamel, Kathmandu

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Nepal boasts the coolest nightlife, with many clubs, bars, and pubs, in addition to spectacular vistas, the best trekking experience, thrilling rafting adventure, and nice locals. When the sun sets, the stars come out, and Kathmandu becomes even more beautiful and vibrant. Do you want to enjoy some delicious food while listening to live music? Thamel is a spot where delicious food and music collide. Thamel has a variety of live rock pubs. Kathmandu will astound you with its abundance of clubs and pubs where you can let your inner party animal loose. So, if you’re in Kathmandu, here’s a list of the best clubs to visit while you’re there.

List of Best Pubs & Rock Bar in Kathmandu

Purple Haze Rock Bar:

Purple Haze is the place to go if you want to listen to rock music and drink. The atmosphere is chaotic and infectious, despite the fact that it is a tad on the pricey side. The bar has been named a popular location in Thamel for both locals and visitors. Local musicians perform here frequently, and on weekends, there may be an entry fee for which you will be given complimentary drinks. The atmosphere is highly active in the late hours of the night, and weekends may be very crowded. This bar features a large open area where you can listen to music from all genres. Purple Haze also has delicious cuisine, fantastic drinks, a great environment, live music, and a large crowd.

Lord of The Drinks:

In Kathmandu, there is a well-organized and professional pub. LOD is the one and only ideal spot to go if you’re looking for bars and drinks. The entire staff are extremely pleasant and accommodating. The bouncer and the main bar staff, in particular. Every night, there are shows, and if you’re lucky, you might get to watch one of your favorite performers play. Take your beverages and head to the dance floor for an unforgettable night of dancing. Lord of Drinks in Kathmandu has been providing with the utmost professionalism in Kathmandu. ENTRY FEE: TEN DOLLARS PER PERSON (Beer on complimentary) The best part: On Wednesdays, ladies get in free, and there’s plenty of parking with valet service.

Club Deja vu:

The 20,000-square-foot arena features a chic style that evokes a party house. Two levels of the dance floor with separate sitting rooms and two special VIP rooms are available if you want seclusion. They feature cool DJs and a diverse food and beverage selection. Finding a space to have a good time in the midst of the crowd? So, why don’t you join club déjà vu? Each floor has its own entrance and three bars that are fully equipped. It is completely soundproof and features a powerful exhaust system. Cutting-edge lighting and sound systems, as well as eye-popping LED walls with video mapping technologies, are among the highlights, which are matched by its mechanical interior design, which you adore.

Club Senate:

If you’re ever in Thamel, go to the Senate; it’s the best night out you’ll have in Nepal; the drinks are cheap, the place is always packed, and the music selection is fantastic. They also offer a decent music selection that will have you tapping your feet while you sip your drink. In the late hours of the night, the location becomes very lively, and weekends may be very busy. In the midst of Thamel’s congested streets, it’s like a tiny paradise. The couches had adequate room for a group of people to sit comfortably.

Reggae Bar:

Every night, a reggae bar is the greatest spot to hang out with good food and beverages, as well as live performances by various performers. Since 2008, this bar has been open. This Kathmandu bar is a banger of a place, with outstanding modern wall art. Adults consider this club to be the best in Kathmandu, Nepal, because it is small but beautiful. They will provide you with delicious cuisine and cold beer. As you go for it, live music will lift your spirits.

Ibyza Lounge and Bar:

Ibyza is Kathmandu, Nepal’s most popular nightclub. This club is the place to be if you want to relax and unwind! Drive away from the chaos of the city and relax with your friends in their comfortable lounge or at the bar! All under one roof, rock and roll on the dance floor or pound your head to their fantastic live music! If you were unable to travel to Spain to party in Ibiza, this tavern provides a glimpse into that party paradise. They offer everything under one roof, from exclusive DJs to exclusive events. Get your beers and hit the dance floor for a night of nonstop head-banging.

Moksh Bar:

Moksh is located in the centre of Jhamsikhel, within the Gyan-Mandala premises. They’ve created an entirely new concept for art, music, and culinary enthusiasts. Conferences, seminars, birthday parties, anniversaries, and wedding functions are just a few of the services they offer. Every Tuesday and Friday, they also feature live music performances. It’s one of Kathmandu’s coolest nightclubs. Other services include bonfire tables with a warm & cozy environment, free Wi-Fi, Level-One and Two bars (capacity of 50 people in each bar), Auditorium Hall (capacity of theater-style for 200 people, conference table 60 people, and Ballroom 120 people), Sun-Deck Garden (capacity of 80 people), Karmic Vibes @ Moksh” Flea Market/2nd Hand Market with live music, pizza feast, and Sun-Deck Garden (capacity (once a month).

Shisha Lounge and Bar:

The shisha bar is the ideal location to hang out, with live music and excellent service for all music and cuisine fans. Shisha has excellent service talents that hones through practice and dedication. “MUSIC IS THE LANGUAGE OF OUR SOUL,” Shisha believes. This restaurant serves delicious Nepalese ingredients prepared by a skilled and experienced chef team with innovation and love. This location is well known for its 20 different types of hookah imported from Dubai. If you’re wondering how much money to bring, it’s somewhere between NRs 200 to 400 and that will allow you to sample a variety of dishes.

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