Mountain Bike Adventure In Nepal

Nepal Mountain Biking Adventure is a once-in-a-lifetime mountain biking adventure. From the seat of your bike, you’ll be able to see 8 of the world’s 14 highest peaks, including Everest! This ride takes you across one of the world’s most famous mountain ranges, the Himalayas, on magnificent, technically hard single track.

We next go for the world-renowned Everest region of the Himalayas, a location known locally as Solu, the stronghold of the famous Sherpa people, after a few days of trail riding in the city. We’ll have a couple of high-adrenaline days there, with singletrack climbs and tons of heart-pumping downhills with breathtaking vistas of the Himalayan range.

Nepal’s best mountain bike tour packages:

For off-road mountain bikers, Nepal is a dream come true. There are numerous cycling trails, including single track and high altitude hiking routes, located near or beyond the Himalayas, from which you can choose your trail based on your riding vacation interests.

The Annapurna Circuit path, upper and lower Mustang, Pikey Peak, the Kathmandu valley, and the Kathmandu to Pokhara classic road are among Nepal’s most popular mountain biking tours.

Cycling on the Annapurna Circuit:

This fantastic biking on the Annapurna circuit will help you discover Nepal’s most beautiful and adventurous biking path. The Annapurna Circuit mountain bike journey takes you through a diverse range of scenery, including lush sub-tropical rainforest, deep valleys, and the base of luxuriant snow-capped mountains and high deserts.

It also provides the opportunity to go mountain riding with hill tribes while getting a kick out of magnificent Himalayan views like the Annapurnas and Manaslu. To the lap of the enticing high mountains with the Tilicho Lake, explorers pass through thick oak woodlands, deep George, and remote communities (one of the most elevated height fresh water lakes).

To see everything, the intersection of the Thorung La pass (Nepal’s highest pass) at an elevation of 5,416m is a difficult task encapsulated by the Thorung La pass (Nepal’s highest pass) at an elevation of 5,416m is a demanding assignment encompassed by the great Himalayan Landscapes.

Cycling on the Manaslu Circuit:

While on a bike tour through Manaslu Circuit, the most fantastic tracks are likely to be submitted for professional riders who will push and convey for the rewards. Furthermore, you must transport your bike half of the trip, but while you are treading on dirt in the heart of some of the world’s tallest mountains, you will pleasure in the fact that it is only your mind, expertise, and stamina that stand against this overwhelming environment.

As a result, Manaslu is Nepal’s unrestricted mountain biking trail. Biking across these domains is therefore essential for learning about the rich culture and unique hospitality of the mountain community, as well as pushing your limits beyond anything you could have imagined on this memorable voyage.

Cycling on the Upper Mustang:

Mountain biking to the Forbidden Kingdom of Upper Mustang provides a monstrous opportunity to see and understand the immaculate way of life of the local people, moving social practice, and legitimate religious with one-of-a-kind social parts of their lives and spectacular views of the regular Himalaya.

Biking to the Buddhist kingdom’s hidden universe is approximately near Tibet, and it also passes through included shakes in a wide diversity of development and plans, with towns holding brilliantly colored fields and like Oasis in the deserts. One of the major draws for bikers is the way of life in the all-inclusive community.

Cycling to Jomsom:

To begin, an exciting mountain ride from Pokhara to Jomsom will allow you to soak in Nepal’s breathtaking scenery. We have a basic half-day ride from Jomsom to the provincial town of Kagbeni, where we will also stay the night to investigate and see old-fashioned orders.

Pursuing Muktinath on a beautiful mountain bike ride creates a sense of true adventure and locale. Here, visitors can watch Tibetan traders and religious devotees on their way to opposing destinations. Marpha is fantastic at highlighting ability and comfort, finding the best track from a few of options, and making downhill riding selections to go to our next goal.

We’ll have two or three risings to investigate anyway, and we’ll be able to relax in Tatopani’s hot springs by floating downstream.

Quality and standard of Mountain bike in Nepal:

If you do not have a mountain bike for your journey in Nepal, we can provide you with one of our world-class brands. Popular Brands are available (Giant, Trek, Marin full suspension and hard trail bikes in stock as per your request size)

Mountain Bike Tour Personal Equipment:

Bike helmets, sunglasses, gloves, bike repair tools, and first aid kit boxes are some of the popular mountain bike equipment that you can rent from us.

Some personal items, such as SPD paddles and shoes, picture or video recording equipment, and bicycle suits, are recommended to be brought by yourself. These items are difficult to come by in Kathmandu and much more hard to find in the proper size.

Best Season for Mountain Bike Tours in Nepal:

Nepal is ideal for mountain biking tours at any time of year or season. Although the winter season runs from December to February, with temperatures in the Himalayas plummeting, the monsoon season runs from June to September, with greater rain and usually gloomy weather.

However, because Mustang is located in the Himalayan rain shadow, it is the perfect place to visit during the rainy season. The finest months to visit Nepal for bicycling are March to May in the spring and September to December in the autumn. There is no monsoon this year, not as much cold, the season is green and paddy, and flowers are flourishing everywhere. The mountain and sky are cleaner, brighter, and more visible.

Mountain bike touring trail conditions:

In Nepal, you’ll find everything from basic single track to extreme single track for mountain biking. We also have world-class cycling trails in the Himalayas and in the city. We design a unique mountain biking tour for you based on your interests.

Bike excursions in Nepal that are completely tailored to your needs. We are always enthusiastic and willing to create personalized and tailor-made excursions based on your needs, budget, difficulty level, and level of service.

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