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Trekking in Nepal is an excellent opportunity to experience the country’s natural and cultural diversity. The country provides a variety of fantastic treks through some of the world’s highest peaks, including the well-known Everest Base Camp Trek and the Annapurna Base Camp Trek.

While trekking in Nepal, you’ll get the opportunity to meet many friendly locals, visit remote Himalayan villages, cross beautiful rivers, walk through forests and valleys, take part in a variety of cultural festivals, and take in awe-inspiring views of snowcapped mountains. It’s truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity waiting to be seized!

Nonetheless, a brief internet search reveals that Nepal has thousands of trekking firms. Not all of them are equal, and they will differ in terms of ratings, company history, and route alternatives. It adds to the confusion. How do you pick the proper firm to help you plan your trek? Below are few tips that is going to help you choose the best trekking company in Nepal.

Follow these guidelines while selecting the best trekking company in Nepal:

Registration and License:

The most important aspect of picking a trekking agency is to find out if it has been registered with an approved organization such as the Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA), Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), Trekking Agencies Association Nepal (TAAN), and so on. You must be wary of scams because some agencies may be operating illegally.

Clients Reviews and Testimonials:

Testimonials and reviews are a good way to learn about agencies, their business capabilities, and their popularity. Customers’ general feedback allows us to learn more about their services as well as their shortcomings. The majority of websites do not publish negative testimonials, reviews, or comments on their pages. As a result, you must visit the websites of reputable firms to evaluate testimonies, comments, and reviews. For real information, you can also email them at their email address.

Costs and resources for research:

Many travel firms provide various schemes at various rates to entice customers; the prices may fluctuate from one company to the next, despite the fact that they all offer the same route, destinations, and packages. The majority of organizations try to persuade you by giving low-cost packages; be wary of their tactics, as the cheapest may never satisfy their oath or your need. We recommend that you review the detailed information on the trekking agency’s official website, which includes services such as pick-up, drop-off, entry permit, flight tickets, lodging, and guide services.

Years of experience with the agencies:

A good trekking agency stays in business for a long time and provides the highest quality service to its consumers or clients. First and foremost, you must ensure that the Best trekking company you choose is a well-known and reliable service provider. The older you get, the smarter you become, especially when it comes to adventure trekking firms. In adventure trips, your health and safety always come first. Find out how long the company you’re looking at has been doing Himalayan hiking and adventures.

Guides and porters who are certified:

The backbones of any trekking adventure are the guides and porters; these are the people that make your trip magical. As a result, you should ensure that the organization offers you with professional and experienced guides to accompany you on your trekking excursion. With the rise of several trekking organizations, many persons have begun to submit forged papers in order to obtain a guide license, and these guides are unaware of their responsibilities or the proper parameters of trekking. So make sure you have “A” grade guides who have obtained the necessary certifications and certificates from the Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management (NATHM).

Trekking in a Sustainable Way:

Restricted places, cultural and social ethics should all be taken seriously by the trekking agency. To maintain the richness of environment and respect local culture and rules, the trekking agency shall adhere to the “leave no trace” rule.

They should be dedicated to their oath and work to lessen their environmental effect by reducing waste and increasing energy efficiency. A responsible traveler should focus on environmental protection and long-term sustainability.

You must call up immediately if porters are forced to carry luggage weighing more than 30 kg. Likewise, child labor is not an option, minors and teenagers should also not be allowed to serve as porters to protect the sustainability of the expedition.

Social media, email, and phone inquiries:

It is generally beneficial to acquire detailed information about the trekking agency’s facilities and services. You can also conduct your own research to gather all of the necessary information to help you decide which trekking expedition to join.

You can send an email or just phone the trekking agency’s agent to make a query. The majority of trekking agencies maintain a large number of travel-related blogs and social media accounts. You might also simply inform them of your inquiry through those channels.

Why Choose us:

  • You don’t have to pay in advance to book your trip
  • Make a group of 10 and get to travel for free
  • 10% off on your next trip with us
  • Flexible date (Minimum 15 days prior to your trip)
  • Government authorization to operate Trekking and Tour, which makes your trip safe and reliable.
  • For similar services, we provide a competitive price. We can make concessions on price but not on service.
  • We supply skilled local guides and porters who will look after you during your Himalayan tour.
  • Always concerned about providing the best services while respecting your time and money’s worth.
  • Provide family environment while you are away from the home.
  • We don’t have any hidden fees because we’re a local firm that believes in repeat business.
  • Flexible group size to create a comfortable tour for you based on your age.
  • If you require emergency evacuation while on the mountain, we are available 24 hours a day.
  • We keep your information private, do not disclose or trade your personal information, and do not use it for any commercial purposes.


All of our journeys connect with local communities, people, and places while encouraging socially responsible and purposeful travel. Our primary value is to make a positive difference in the lives of mountain people and to assist them in becoming a productive and happy community.

We’re transforming the way local communities are impacted by travel. We make every effort to contribute back to our community. The funds raised from our visits are utilized to program development initiatives aimed at improving our country’s health, sanitation, education, and socioeconomic situation.

Every time you travel with us, we donate 10% of your ticket price to Nepal’s Rural Empowerment and Development Initiative (READI Nepal). This helps to pay for the education of many children from low-income families. We provide to the Great Himalaya Trail Nepal Alliance (GHT) on a monthly basis so that more people can work as trek guides in tourism.

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