Top 10 Nepalese Food to Try During Nepal Visit

What are we going to eat today in Nepal?” you might inquire. All I can think about is delicious Nepalese cuisine. Because they all succeed in salivating everyone’s tongue, Nepali foods have the capacity to make people absolutely indecisive. In Nepal, food culture is the main attraction, a celebration of connection and a way of life. Nepali cuisine is a fusion of culture and ethnicity, a drop of love, and a life specialty.

Prepare to be surrounded by Newari, Thakali, and other Nepalese dishes influenced by Indian, Tibetan, and Chinese cuisines. The following is a list of the top ten famous Nepalese dishes that you must taste during your vacation to Nepal.

Nepalese Momo:

Momo is a flour-wrapped dumpling with ingredients of your choice, such as veggies and meat. Although it is initially a Tibetan dish, it has long been a traditional Nepalese delicacy. Momos, on the other hand, have grown in popularity in Nepal, causing a surge in flavor, diversity, and smell. People eat Nepali Momo as a snack or a meal because it is so popular. If you’re having difficulties deciding what to order, a Momo is the obvious choice.


“Dhido” is a common Nepali term for mashed buckwheat, which is a thick mush or porridge made with flour (Buckwheat, Kodo (millet), maize, barley, and oats). Traditional Nepalese meal is made by gradually adding flour to boiling water while constantly stirring it.
“Dhido” is Nepal’s indigenous bread, which is widely consumed in highland areas. It’s a nutritious powerhouse, while being a basic dish. Dietary fiber, protein, iron, carbohydrate, zinc, manganese, and selenium are all abundant in this food. If you’re looking for a hearty meal or dinner, Nepalese Dal Bhat is a good choice.


“Churpi” is another Nepalese name. Churpi is a hardened dairy product prepared from either cow or yak milk. It’s high in healthy fats, removes plaque and tartar effectively, and maintains gums healthy. Despite its health benefits, you can keep it in your mouth as long as you want when traveling. Churpi is a popular food trekker because it keeps your tongue thirsty and moist.
If you’re going on a high-altitude trip, Churpi is a must-try. It can also be a food present from the high Himalayas that you can bring back to your family. Isn’t this food efficient?

Nepalese Thukpa:

Every Nepalese says “Thukpa” when they want a sumptuous spicy noodle soup. Thukpa can also help you battle the cold while walking at high altitudes. If you’re on an Everest Base Camp Trek, Thukpa is a good way to remain warm. Thukpa is a Tibetan cuisine with a somewhat distinct recipe, which includes vegetables, meat, spices, and tastes. Is it possible to trek in the cold? Thukpa is a good option.


If you want to taste a tasty Nepalese cuisine with a lot of mixed beans, “Kwati” is the healthier option. Despite the fact that it is a traditional Newari dish (a Nepalese ethnic group), it is eaten all over the country. Kwati is a healthful and flavorful dish seasoned with Nepali spices. The way of cooking, on the other hand, is what makes it so unique and tasty. You can also ask for meat to be added according to your preferences to make it more delicious. If you’re in the mood for a hearty soup, Kwati, a popular Nepali meal, is a good choice.

Gudpak and Pustakari:

Gudpak is a delectable Nepalese delicacy. To a crushed edible gum, roasted wheat flour, cardamoms, improved tastes, cashews, and sugar syrup are added. Pustakari is a Nepalese confection. As a result, is sticky. It’s produced by mixing brown sugar, peanut powder, and Khuwa into a gooey batter baked with milk, then topping it with coconut and almonds. It can be purchased at any candy store. When visiting Nepal, keep Pustakari in your backpack instead of harmful chocolates.
Also, if your relatives or friends in your country enjoy food, don’t forget to bring Gudpak or Pustakari with you.

Ju-ju Dhau:

Juju Dhau, often known as “The King Yoghurt,” is a specialty of Bhaktapur. Juju Dhau is a must-try if you’re visiting Bhaktapur. It’s a well-known sweet yogurt. Fresh buffalo milk is boiled in traditional firewood by the locals. They then preserve the curd for days in ancient clay pots to give it a distinct flavor. The final product is a dessert recipe from Nepal. Curds are considered pure by many people and are consumed on fasting days.

Thakali Cuisine:

It would be a disgrace to visit Nepal and not taste Thakali Cuisine, which evokes the familiar staple dish of all Nepalis. There is no other option than Thakali food, which is prepared using traditional techniques and has a pure taste as if it were picked fresh from the fields of Nepal and delivered to you. One of the best aspects of the Thakali set is how gratifying it is to watch the presentation. The soft rice in the center, black lentils, Gundruk (fermented leafy green vegetable), pure Nepali ghee, pickles, salad, curry, meat for non-vegetarians, and many other dishes are included. In Nepal, it’s actually a distinct variation of Dal Bhat.
Thakali Khana is a famous Nepalese dish that is easy to come by. Thakali is best served for dinner or lunch. Prepare your hands if you want to try Thakali food in Nepal, because the spoon will not be able to absorb all of the flavors on this platter.

Newari Cuisine:

Over millennia, Kathmandu’s indigenous people have preserved their unique cuisine heritage. Newari cuisine can be considered a subgroup of Nepalese cuisine. Even though the individuals are not Newars, the food diversity of Newari cuisine is loved by the majority of the community. Over 200 dishes are available in Newari cuisine. The Newari Khaja Set is a popular Newari dish to enjoy in Nepal.
On a plate, there are over ten dishes in the collection. Beating Rice, Achar, Chhoila, Egg, Soybeans, Bara, Aalutama, and other meat products are among the goods featured in the Newari Khaja. If you’re in Kathmandu, you must try Newari Khaja while sitting on a Sukul (Mat).


“Selroti” is undoubtedly a typical food that every Nepali has enjoyed since infancy. It’s called a Nepali doughnut, but the size, texture, and flavor are all different. It’s a sweet ring-shaped bread from Nepal that’s deep-fried in ghee or oil. The flour is made out of uncooked rice grains that have been soaked and pounded, coconut, black pepper powder, clarified butter, Ghee, and sugar. There is sodium, iron, potassium, calcium, vitamin A, and vitamin C.
During Nepal’s major festivals, Selroti is a popular Nepalese dish. As a result, if you visit Nepal during Dashain and Tihar, you will see Selroti in every home. Although Selroti is the most popular Nepalese dish during festivals, you may order it with a local achar (pickle) at any time of year in any restaurant near you.

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