Top things to do in Bhaktapur

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The Kathmandu Valley is home to three historic cities: Kathmandu, Patan, and Bhaktapur. Bhaktapur’s name, which combines the words “devotees” and “city,” refers to a place of pilgrimage and religion. Because of this, Bhaktapur is known as the “city of devotees.” There is no question that at one point in time, there were more temples and gods present than there were people and roofs. This city is organized into three squares, each of which is crammed with temples and other religious buildings, and is situated around 12 kilometers from Kathmandu, the country’s capital. However, there is an NPR 1500 municipal entry charge that visitors must pay in order to enter this town. This contributes to the upkeep of the temples in Bhaktapur.

History of Bhaktapur

Bhaktapur is revered for its historical significance. It was founded in the 12th century by King Ananda Malla and served as the capital of the Malla Kingdom around the 15th century. It was occupied by the Newari ethnicity, which is reflected in the architecture and pagodas across the city. Bhaktapur was taken over by the Shas from Gorkha after the 15th century, and it was famous for its Mall Yoddha (combat between wrestlers). The temples scattered across Bhaktapur reflect the city’s heritage.

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Places to visit and things to do

Bhaktapur was severely damaged in the 2015 earthquake. Many temples and monuments were severely damaged or destroyed. Bhaktapur, on the other hand, is an outstanding city of living heritage, and the majority of the temples and heritage buildings have been renovated. Bhaktapur’s four main squares are Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Taumadhi Square, Dattatreya Square, and Pottery Square. Bhaktapur Durbar Square is the city’s main (and largest) square. It is home to the Royal Palace as well as a plethora of magnificent temples and monuments.

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Bhaktapur Durbar Square:

The Durbar Square in Bhaktapur is universally recognized as the city’s main attraction. It is home to temples, palaces, and statues, as well as stunning architecture with ornate wood carvings, stone art, metal art, and terracotta art. The artistry alone is a great illustration of Kathmandu Valley Newari culture. The entrance cost of 1500 rupees ($15) is a little steep, but the ticket is valid for a week and permits you to leave and re-enter the temple. If you produce a copy of your passport, visa, and a passport photo, you can acquire an official pass that allows free re-entry for months.

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Local food and wine tasting:

The community members beyond the newas as well as other individuals enjoy Newari cuisine. Try the Newari cuisine and wine if you’re in Bhaktapur. The manufacturing of wine is not a solitary activity here. Despite this, they still make it at home. In the native Newari language, the wine is referred to as “aela.” A typical meal is adorned with flattened rice, meat, vegetables, a fried egg, and roasted soybeans in Newari cuisine, which combines only organic components. The cuisine and rich culture of the Newa people are great blessings. On the occasion of several feasts and festivals, the Newa family prepares almost 200 meals. So, foodies, Bhaktapur not only greets the appreciation of its cuisine with a garland in hand but also with delectable food and drink.

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De-stress with pottery making session:

In the pottery square, one artist explains, “You have to do it to know it. In Bhaktapur, there are two pottery squares: Talako Potter Square lies to the south of the durbar square, while the other is in the Dattatreya Temple. The rows of grey clay pots that soak up the sun to dry in the area are well-known. Customers can choose from the freshly prepared items or get something made to order right away! You can even practice producing clay pots with your own two hands. Getting a little messy can take care of traffic jams, a difficult day at work, or even a nasty brawl. Making pottery is simple once you get the hang of it. To begin, cup your hands around the clay, and then use your fingers to poke a hole through the center. At the same time, internal pressure must be applied. And there it is—right in front of you—the construction of a pot with a respectable shape.

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Celebrate Jatras:

Jatras, where a large number of festival goers congregate to celebrate, is sort of the festival’s face. Large and small jatras are welcomed in Bhaktapur at least once per month. Between mid-April and the end of August, Bhaktapur is full of surprises. The Biska Jatra is a celebration when slang is developed and weakened for good luck. Similar to this, the Gai Jatra is a celebration meant to create a hilarious atmosphere and is held in the middle of April and August. These are some of Bhaktapur’s largest jatras. Offering to participate in these jatras while in Bhaktapur. The majority of Newa people come from an agricultural background, hence they celebrate jatras when they enjoy various feasts, music, and dancing in order to forget all their hardships and pains.

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Yogurt shops:

Around here, the renowned “King Curd” of Bhaktapur is curdled. From Dattatreya Square, take the winding walkway to Bolache, where you may order Juju Dhau. In mud bowls produced in the pottery square, this well-known yogurt is served. Yogurt has a long history in Nepali culture, traditions, rituals, and religions in addition to being utilized in food. For instance, on days of religious fasting, Nepalis consume yogurt to purify themselves. It is also eaten as a lucky food just before leaving the house. For significant occasions, a fresh container of yogurt is placed by the entrances since many people think it brings luck.

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Wood carved furniture:

There are numerous stores offering various types of carved furniture across Bhaktapur Durbar Square. The furnishings showcase Nepali culture’s ancient traditions. You might even catch a glimpse of an artisan at work if you’re lucky. The current and the past collide at Bhaktapur. All the more so in a small town that seamlessly combines the best of both worlds’ beauty. Through the crafts of woodcarving, brass-making, and pottery-making, certain traditions are preserved.

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Shopping at Bhaktapur:

The finest part of every trip is definitely the shopping and gathering of mementos. especially when we need to purchase particular products. Right? And Bhaktapur is a sort of shopping mecca that provides some of the most distinctive trinkets in all of Nepal. You can purchase items such as clay crafts, carpets, handmade Nepali clothing, Haku patasi (a typical Newari attire with a red border on a black sari), thangka paintings, Dhaka topis, and many other things. The fact that you can negotiate is the best aspect of this.

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Honeymoon Destinations in Nepal

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Mangsir (mid-November to mid-December) is also known as the month of marriage in Nepal. Many newlywed couples take a honeymoon. The honeymoon period is an excellent time for newlyweds to get to know one another better. Going on a honeymoon has recently become a requirement for newlyweds. While some couples have begun to go to exotic locations for their honeymoon, such as Pokhara and Chitwan, new destinations within Nepal are being discovered as potential honeymoon destinations. Where would you want to go on your honeymoon if you were newlyweds or about to be married? If you’re at a loss for ideas, here are some intriguing honeymoon destinations to consider:

Rara Honeymoon Tour:

You may travel directly to Mugu’s Talcha Airport from Nepalgunj Airport, commonly regarded as the entrance to western Nepal. You reach the beach of Rara Lake after a three-hour hike from Talcha. Alternatively, you can take a public bus from Surkhet to Gamgadhi, Mugu’s district headquarters. Then, after two hours, you can reach Rara, the world’s paradise. The temperature here drops below zero in the winter since there can be up to one metre of snow. As a result, most individuals do not come here to travel. However, couples visit Rara to celebrate their honeymoon, and you should consider it as one of your honeymoon destinations.

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Nepal’s Mustang region was originally an isolated and self-contained region of the Tibetan empire. It does, however, have a tough uncanny reputation. The territory is divided into two halves, Lower and Upper, which are connected but very different. Mustang is one of the most tranquil areas. The area’s stunning splendor makes it one of the greatest places to visit for a Nepal honeymoon. It is a popular honeymoon destination due to its mythological aura.

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Nagarkot: Honeymoon Heaven

A couple can spend their honeymoon in Nagarkot, which has a magnificent setting dominated by the world’s tallest peak. View of the first rays of the Sun descending on the Himalayan peaks at daybreak, Nagarkot is a well-known hilltop station in Nepal where you may spend your perfect honeymoon. It is only 32 kilometers from Kathmandu, which is densely filled with hotels and restaurants. Nagarkot is well-known for its dawn and sunset vistas, as well as probable Himalayan views.

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Bardiya National Park:

For newlyweds, Bardiya National Park can make a romantic honeymoon destination. This location, which is in the Bardiya neighborhood, is particularly accessible due to its close proximity to the East-West Highway. In some of the hotels that have been opened inside the national park, lovely amenities are offered. Bardiya National Park’s neighboring Chisapani of Kailali and a number of locations inside the park are also popular tourist sites.

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Kathmandu: The Capital

The capital of Nepal, Kathmandu is also its largest city and the source of the Kathmandu Valley’s name. The Kathmandu Valley is located in Nepal’s Warm Moderate Zone, where the climate is unusually temperate for the area. One of the most exciting locations in Nepal for a honeymoon is Kathmandu. The cultural traditions, hues, and customs of Nepal’s capital city are numerous. Swayambhu, Boudha Stupa, Naryanhiti Palace Museum, Thamel Chowk, Freak Street, Pashupatinath, and other places are worth visiting. The captivating and glitzy nightlife at Casino Anna and Casino Royale is Kathmandu’s primary draw. September through November and February through April are the ideal times to travel to Kathmandu for a Nepal honeymoon.

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Another desirable location for newlyweds to spend their honeymoon in chilly but romantic weather is Bandipur. The couples can see mountains like Annapurna, Machhapuchhre, Dhaulagiri, and other mountain ranges from this vantage point. Because of its Bhaktapur-style homes, Bandipur is both culturally rich and welcoming to tourists. Bandipur has developed into a major tourist hub because to the presence of popular attractions like Thanimai, Tindhara, Raniwan, Ramkot, Sunkhari, Khaddevi Temple, Vindhyavasini Temple, Mahalakshmi Temple, and an information Center. Bandipur has over eight dozen hotels, so finding lodging for newlyweds won’t be a problem.

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The Makawanpur district’s Chitlang, which is close to Kathmandu, is a wonderful place for newlyweds to spend their honeymoon. This location, which is 27 kilometers from Kathmandu, is renowned for its homestays and a variety of regional cuisine. The area is perfect for all-day panoramic vistas in a calm and pleasant setting. Tours of the village, which is rich in historical and cultural value, are fun for couples to take. You can sip on local wine and peanut wine in this location. The ideal place to sample regional seafood specialties as well as locally grown produce from backyard gardens is Chitlang.

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Dharan and Bhedetar can make for romantic honeymoon spots where couples can enjoy both the tranquility of the hills and the sweltering Terai summer. The main attraction of Bhedetar, which is 16 kilometers north of Dharan, is watching the sun and clouds play hide-and-seek. At 1,420 meters above sea level, Bhedetar has an evergreen climate. For residents of the Indian states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, as well as those from the eastern Terai region, it is a favorite tourist destination.

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Ilam is one of Nepal’s most popular and romantic tourist and honeymoon locations. A must-visit location for newlyweds is Kanyam in the Ilam neighborhood. This region is covered in fog and the weather varies from time to time, thus it keeps one entertained. It is located about 40 km north of Birtamode on the Mechi Highway. There are plenty decent hotels and dining options to accommodate couples while they are there.

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Just 40 kilometers (or one hour) beyond Panauti, on a plateau, is the small community of Balthali Village. It is a settlement in the eastern Kathmandu valley that is naturally rewarded. It is the ideal location for hiking, exploring, and taking pictures. Sitting on the resort’s balcony, you may learn about village life, experience the countryside, and take in the breathtaking emerald woodlands. The entire mountain range of Balthali, including the snow-capped peaks of Dorjee Lhakpa and Langtang, is visible in the distance to the north. March through May are the ideal months to visit Baithali.

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Hot Air Ballooning in Pokhara Nepal

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One adventure sport in Pokhara that might make you feel like a bird flying in the vast sky is hot air ballooning. A visitor might take a hot air balloon ride as an added adventure trip to enjoy their holiday with loved ones, family, and friends. In Nepal, ballooning gives stunning views of the rising sun, the Himalayan peaks, and the captivating lake in Pokhara.

Only Pokhara, the city of lakes and caves, hosts the event. Purchase a hot air balloon birthday package to celebrate your birthday in the sky at a very affordable hot air balloon pricing.

Watch as your family and friends celebrate your birthday in the Himalayan range that surrounds Nepal! You would adore it without a doubt since you could tell your descendants about it when you’re elderly.

In order to make your relationship truly extraordinary, you may also take advantage of hot air balloon engagement and anniversary packages.

Every morning before dawn, Nepal Hot Air Balloon Rides depart from three locations depending on the weather: Dhampus Village, Pame, and Landruk. After an hour-long amazing journey above the snow-capped mountains, they will descend near the banks of Mardi Khola, Lake Side, and Hemja, respectively. It will soar 1,000 meters above Pokhara, offering a breathtaking view of the valley and mountains including the Annapurna range, Fishtail (Machhapuchhre), Dhaulagiri, Hiunchuli, Lamjung Himal, lakes, and forests. Except during monsoon, the journey will consist of two flights, one early in the morning and another in the afternoon (June, July, August three month). For the most breathtaking mountain sunrise view, travel early in the day.

Hot Air Ballooning: Best Season

With the exception of the months during monsoon season (June, July, August), the best months for a hot air balloon flight are September, October, November, December, January, February, March, and April.

During these months, flights are conducted every day, although they also depend on the wind and its direction of flow (eastward or westward across the valley). Different mountain flights and aircraft movements are recommended, but hot air ballooning is by far the most appealing because you will be in the basket and able to take in the beauty of the natural world as it sways in the air.

Hot Air Ballooning: Cost

Domestic and foreign tourists pay Rs. 9,000 and 120 USD per person, respectively, for a 25 to 30-minute flight, for hot air ballooning. For Nepalese and foreigners, a 50 to 60-minute hot air balloon flight costs Rs. 11,000 and US$150 per person, respectively.

Other packages are available, including hot air ballooning for an engagement ($8000 per flight), an anniversary ($8000 per flight), and a birthday ($8000 per flight). ride in a tethered balloon (Lift and fly large group of people all age at certain location tide more than two balloons). The tethered balloon trip will soar 500 meters over the lovely city of Pokhara and offer breathtaking views of the Himalayan range and the lake city.

The cost includes below:

  • Pick Up and Return service inside Pokhara
  • Pre-Flight Refreshment and site seeing
  • Balloon Flight certificate
  • Insurance (if anything happens during the flight)

Hot Air Ballooning: Passenger Requirements

There is no upper age limit for taking trips. But some level of athleticism is needed because it’s possible that after landing, we’ll have to go across paddocks. Since there are no seats in the basket, standing for the entire flight, which lasts for roughly an hour, is unavoidable. Small children should not be brought, per our recommendation.

The other passengers’ comfort and happiness is the primary factor, but there are many other factors at play. The baskets are fairly small, and young kids frequently become restless in small spaces. The second justification is more useful. Small children would struggle to look over the four-foot-high walls of the baskets unless they were carried by an adult (an arduous task for a one-hour fight). We do require that minors (those under the age of 12) be accompanied by an adult.

What are the best Hot Air Balloon Rides in Nepal?

According to visitors visiting Viator, the top hot air balloon rides in Nepal are:

  • Day trip from Katmandu to Everest Base Camp by Helicopter with Hotel Pickup/Drop-Off
  • Pokhara Hot Air Balloon Magical Flight
  • Pokhara hot air balloon ride: thirty-minute flight
  • Eagle-Eye Flight in a Hot Air Balloon in Pokhara

What to pack for a balloon flight?

Every three months, the temperature in Pokhara (827m) would fluctuate. Around 29°C (84°F) is the average temperature for the entire year. May and June are the hottest months before the monsoon season; winter is the coolest (mid-December to mid-February). The balloon launch site in Dhampus (1,650m), however, is colder than Pokhara.

Also keep in mind that the air gets colder as you fly higher. I’m certain that it depends on the individual’s packing preferences. But as a quick reminder, the following is a list of items you might wish to bring on your hot air balloon trip over the Himalayas: Consider a down jacket for winter if you need a windproof garment, comfy and warm pants, shoes and socks, Warm hat or headgear daytime bag, Sunglasses, a scarf, lip balm, suntan lotion, and windproof gloves (during winter), water container, additional batteries and camera equipment.

Is it possible for someone to travel on this tour who has hyponatremia, asthma, or physical limitations?

The response is YES! Without additional oxygen, someone with hyponatremia or asthma can still participate in this excursion. Depending on how severe their impairment is, people with physical disabilities may also be able to travel. Please talk to the balloon business about this. In general, everybody can have a lifetime experience via hot air ballooning. Therefore, there are no restrictions for senior citizens in reasonably good health if you want to bring your elderly relatives or friends.

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Mountain Flight in Nepal- A Complete Guide

Rating: 5 out of 5.

You might have never seen something like the mountain flight in Nepal, thus it goes beyond the realms of imagination. You would love to go there every day to treat your mind to this magnificent view, if only you were in the air. Because everyone gets to sit next to the window, you can get a close-up view of some of the tallest mountains in the world, like Mt. Everest and Mt. Annapurna, and you’ll go home with beautiful images. Take a mountain flight in Nepal for a mesmerizing view of the tallest peaks on the planet. The flight leaves Kathmandu and flies above the Himalayas, giving you a close-up view of the mountains’ snow-capped peaks before returning to the city in less than an hour.

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The best mountain flight experience in Nepal

Nepal is a popular destination for tourists from around the world because of its breathtaking mountains. Furthermore, the mountain flight is the only opportunity to see nearby mountains without having to travel very far. It’s also among the most captivating sensations there are to have. People travel from all over the world to Nepal to experience thrilling mountain flights. In Nepal, mountain flights give passengers a stunning panoramic view of the mountain ranges up to five nautical miles away. The other mountains are also highlighted during the trip, in addition to Mount Everest.

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Reason for Mountain Flight experience in Nepal

Adventure a once-in-a-lifetime experience in Nepal by combining an Everest Experience flight with a stroll on a trek. The greatest substitute for a helicopter journey to Everest base camp is a mountain fly. Since we can take an hour-long flight in a plane to inspect the Mighty Himalayas in the North, we can fly over the Himalayas. There is only one trip each day to Everest Base Camp, which involves a helicopter landing. However, the price will be significantly higher than the flight to the Everest Mountain. For the best Everest experience flight in a short amount of time, the Mt. Everest flight tour is the ideal option.

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Mountain Flight by Shree Airlines

Passengers may fly with confidence and enjoy a turbojet experience in Nepal with The Shree Airlines. Fly with Shree Airlines to Everest. The Himalayan range, which includes Mount Everest as its tallest peak, offers one of the most breathtaking views on earth. Shree Airlines is well aware that every Nepali and nearly every foreign visitor dreams of climbing Mount Everest.

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Mountain Flight by Yeti Airlines

Because Yeti Airlines’ SAAB-340 flies at an ideal height of between 20,000 and 25,000 feet and gives passengers a first-ever view of the Himalayan Range, its mountain flights are more stunning than those offered by any other Nepali airline. For the best possible viewing experience, the mountains are at eye level. The Dornier-228 virtually flies into Everest’s lap to show you Mount Everest (Khumbu Valley). This is the closest glimpse of Mount Everest you’ll ever see unless you decide to take up mountaineering. The non-tinted windows of both the SAAB and the Dornier give you a great opportunity to take pictures of the mountain and preserve your memories for all time, unlike in other airliner.

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Mountain Flight by Buddha Air

For Mountain Flights, Buddha Air operates SAAB-340 and Dornier-228 aircraft. The Great Himalayan Range may be seen magnificently from both aircraft’s big, clear windows. Daily regular flights leave Kathmandu for the Himalayan Mountains to the east and north of the city. Usually beginning in the morning, the flight lasts an entire hour. The non-tinted windows of both the SAAB and the Dornier give you a great opportunity to take pictures of the mountain and preserve your memories for all time, unlike in other types of aircraft.

Mountain Flight Fare:

  • For Nepalese NPR 15000.00 Per person
  • For Indian Nationality INR 9375.00 Per Person
  • Other Nationality US$ 230.00 Per Person

Annapurna Mountain flight

The trip over the Annapurna Mountains is another thrilling mountain flight from which to view the mountains visible from the Pokhara Valley. Flights over the Annapurna Mountains often depart from Kathmandu in the early morning between 6:00 and 8:00, and they last for around 30 minutes. Naturally, Mount Annapurna, glaciers, lakes, and the Pokhara valley will be some of the main sights to see throughout the trip. The following mountains, in order, will be visible to you during the flight: Mt. Dhaulagiri (8172 meters), Mt. Annapurna I, II, III, and IV (8091 meters, 7939 meters, 7555 meters, and 7525 meters, respectively), Mt. Machhapuchhre (6993 meters), Mt. Lamjung (8172 meters), and Mt. Manaslu (8172 meters)

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How do I schedule a mountain flight in Nepal?

In Nepal, taking a mountain flight is a simple and quick process. If you reserve or purchase a ticket, you will be taken on an hour-long journey that soars above some Himalayan peaks as you gaze down on pristine glaciers and stunning high-altitude lakes. Eight of the world’s tallest peaks are located in Nepal, and the only way to see them all is by flying over them. Even seasoned mountaineers can’t encounter them up close for the entire day. The captain asks each passenger to the cockpit to take shots of the spectacular Himalayan range from their wide windscreen as the hostess categorizes the distinct peaks. The two main locations to enjoy aerial experiences in Nepal are Everest and Annapurna.

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Best time of year for mountain flights in Nepal

Mountain peaks are most beautiful in the early hours of the morning. March, April, May, October, November, and December are the top months. If you want to see the tallest mountains and the most picturesque slopes, use a helicopter or a heli charter. One of the best ways to experience Nepal’s mountains is by mountain flight.

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Schedule and Cancellation for A Mountain Flight

The plan is straightforward because a mountain flight may be finished in 30 minutes for Annapurna or 1 hour for Everest. One of the firm employees will pick you up from your hotel early in the morning and take you to the local airport. By going to the airline desk, you can confirm your reservation and check into your mountain flight. Once you have a boarding pass and have gone through security, you can board the bus shuttle that will take you to the plane. Set out on a grand adventure, take in the breathtaking mountain landscape, then return to your accommodation. I’m done now. You will receive a refund if your flight is canceled due to inclement weather or another factor.

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Best Day Tours in Kathmandu

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The hectic pace of life in Nepal’s hustling city of Kathmandu is frequently overpowering. Everyone is searching for a fast getaway from a fairly routine lifestyle, but long-distance travel is also not very practical. Travel spots that can be reached in a single day are the answer. However, you wouldn’t believe how many different tourist destinations there are in Kathmandu and the other cities, providing enough of entertainment. Do keep in mind that while “Kathmandu” refers to two separate places, they are actually two separate cities. Within the Kathmandu Valley is the city of Kathmandu. There are numerous attractions and day trips that visitors and travelers can take in both Kathmandu City and the Kathmandu Valley.

When visiting Kathmandu, you don’t have to be firmly in the “love it” or “hate it” camp. It’s simple to combine the best of both worlds by using the city as a base to explore the little towns and villages that are located nearby. Here are a few locations that are within an hour or two’s drive of Kathmandu’s downtown and would make great day trips or relaxing overnight stops.

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  • Enjoy a breathtaking sunset near Nagarkot:

Why go: Nagarkot is a renowned location to observe the sunrise and sunset above the Himalaya, which is an amazing Nepal experience. Even if it’s not exactly undiscovered, the fact that there are many places to dine and stay as you take in the surroundings makes it a simple and relaxing area to spend a night or two. What to see: In addition to the dawn and sunset, which are best viewed on a clear autumn or winter day from your hotel room or the lookout tower, there are some additional sights in and around the town. Visit the Peace Garden’s huge golden Buddha statue and take a hike to a nearby waterfall. How to get there: Nagarkot is located just outside the Kathmandu Valley’s eastern border. Although a bus can take you there, you must change at Bhaktapur. Most tourists choose to take a private transfer so they may see the natural light displays of the day before spending the remainder of the day in Nagarkot.

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  • Chandragiri Hills:

Chandragiri hill, which is 2,551 meters above sea level and is 16 kilometers southwest of the heart of Kathmandu, is a stunning location. There are several routes to get to the top of the hill, including driving, taking a cable car, and hiking. Chandragiri may be reached in just 10 to 15 minutes by cable car. But if you decide to hike, you will have the ultimate experience. And it won’t take you more than two hours to get there. As a result, Chandragiri is among the most popular one-day trip destinations for residents of Kathmandu. One can visit the Bhaleshwar Mahadev temple at the summit of the hill and take in the panoramic views of the Kathmandu valley, the nearby lush hills, and the mountain ranges from Annapurna to Everest.

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  • Everest Base Camp Heli Tour:

Our Heli  to Base Camp package is ideal if you want to realize your dream of being directly beneath Mt. Everest (8848m/29,029ft) without having to spend many hours trekking. Flying alongside the stunning peaks of the Khumbu region, such as Cho Oyu (8201m/26,906ft), Lhotse (8501m/27,890ft), Makalu (8481m/27,825ft), and Nuptse (7861m/25,790ft), will have your heart racing. The top 10 highest mountains in the world include the first three. Following our landing, we explore Everest Base Camp (EBC) and take some shots. From here, we can see the notorious Khumbu Icefall and renowned Khumbu Glacier spread out in front of us. As they wait for their time to ascend to the summit, the countless climbers can be felt with their tents pitched.

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  • Experience the Buddhist Way of Life at the Stupas:

Believe it or not, Nepal is mostly a Hindu nation with only 10% of the population being Buddhist, despite the predominance of Buddhism in its culture and architecture. See, Hindus began to view Buddha as an avatar of the Hindu God Vishnu many years ago, thus for them it’s completely acceptable to be both a Hindu AND a Buddhist. Buddhism is more like a philosophy or way of life than an organized religion. The two most impressive stupas in Kathmandu are Boudhanath, the largest and most majestic stupa in all of Nepal, and Swayambhunath, also known as Monkey Temple because to the monkeys that live there.

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  • Hike to Shivapuri Hill:

The national park that is nearest to Kathmandu is Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park. It is a fantastic alternative among all travel locations because it is only 12 km from the heart of Kathmandu. At 2,563 meters above sea level, the Shivapuri hill is the second-highest hill close to Kathmandu. The 159 square kilometer national park is home to numerous bird, butterfly, animal, and fungus species. To reach the park’s entrances in Budhanilakantha, one might use a private or shared car. To reach the peak, you must climb for about six hours over a distance of 15 km. However, you can go to other locations along the hill if you choose. Bishudwar and Baghdwar are particularly well-known and provide a variety of waterfalls and stunning views.

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  • Enjoy Panauti’s Homestays’ Warm Hospitality:

The village of Panauti, which is only 32 KM south of Kathmandu, is a great illustration of the rural Nepal’s marvels and is a wonderful day trip from the city. which is best? You can prolong your stay and spend the night in one of the many family homestays to experience true Nepalese hospitality and hear some fascinating tales from the locals who make Nepal such an excellent location to visit. And yeah, it’s fun to take stunning pictures of yourself walking across the several hanging bridges in Panauti.

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  • Take in the incredible views of Changu Narayan:

Why visit: Visiting Changu Narayan is a simple addition to a day in Bhaktapur. This small town is located in the east of the Kathmandu Valley, just north of Bhaktapur, is perched high on a hill, and it offers picturesque views of the city. The oldest existing temple in Nepal is a part of a complex that dates back to the fifth century. Changu Narayan is a Unesco World Heritage Site, but it is rarely overrun with tourists unlike the major cultural attractions in Kathmandu.

What to see: The Living Traditions Museum is worthwhile of your time in addition to the temples. After the 2015 earthquakes significantly damaged the magnificent old rest-house where it was located, the museum had to spend years being renovated.

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