Best Day Tours in Kathmandu

Best Day Tours in Kathmandu

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The hectic pace of life in Nepal’s hustling city of Kathmandu is frequently overpowering. Everyone is searching for a fast getaway from a fairly routine lifestyle, but long-distance travel is also not very practical. Travel spots that can be reached in a single day are the answer. However, you wouldn’t believe how many different tourist destinations there are in Kathmandu and the other cities, providing enough of entertainment. Do keep in mind that while “Kathmandu” refers to two separate places, they are actually two separate cities. Within the Kathmandu Valley is the city of Kathmandu. There are numerous attractions and day trips that visitors and travelers can take in both Kathmandu City and the Kathmandu Valley.

When visiting Kathmandu, you don’t have to be firmly in the “love it” or “hate it” camp. It’s simple to combine the best of both worlds by using the city as a base to explore the little towns and villages that are located nearby. Here are a few locations that are within an hour or two’s drive of Kathmandu’s downtown and would make great day trips or relaxing overnight stops.

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  • Enjoy a breathtaking sunset near Nagarkot:

Why go: Nagarkot is a renowned location to observe the sunrise and sunset above the Himalaya, which is an amazing Nepal experience. Even if it’s not exactly undiscovered, the fact that there are many places to dine and stay as you take in the surroundings makes it a simple and relaxing area to spend a night or two. What to see: In addition to the dawn and sunset, which are best viewed on a clear autumn or winter day from your hotel room or the lookout tower, there are some additional sights in and around the town. Visit the Peace Garden’s huge golden Buddha statue and take a hike to a nearby waterfall. How to get there: Nagarkot is located just outside the Kathmandu Valley’s eastern border. Although a bus can take you there, you must change at Bhaktapur. Most tourists choose to take a private transfer so they may see the natural light displays of the day before spending the remainder of the day in Nagarkot.

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  • Chandragiri Hills:

Chandragiri hill, which is 2,551 meters above sea level and is 16 kilometers southwest of the heart of Kathmandu, is a stunning location. There are several routes to get to the top of the hill, including driving, taking a cable car, and hiking. Chandragiri may be reached in just 10 to 15 minutes by cable car. But if you decide to hike, you will have the ultimate experience. And it won’t take you more than two hours to get there. As a result, Chandragiri is among the most popular one-day trip destinations for residents of Kathmandu. One can visit the Bhaleshwar Mahadev temple at the summit of the hill and take in the panoramic views of the Kathmandu valley, the nearby lush hills, and the mountain ranges from Annapurna to Everest.

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  • Everest Base Camp Heli Tour:

Our Heli  to Base Camp package is ideal if you want to realize your dream of being directly beneath Mt. Everest (8848m/29,029ft) without having to spend many hours trekking. Flying alongside the stunning peaks of the Khumbu region, such as Cho Oyu (8201m/26,906ft), Lhotse (8501m/27,890ft), Makalu (8481m/27,825ft), and Nuptse (7861m/25,790ft), will have your heart racing. The top 10 highest mountains in the world include the first three. Following our landing, we explore Everest Base Camp (EBC) and take some shots. From here, we can see the notorious Khumbu Icefall and renowned Khumbu Glacier spread out in front of us. As they wait for their time to ascend to the summit, the countless climbers can be felt with their tents pitched.

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  • Experience the Buddhist Way of Life at the Stupas:

Believe it or not, Nepal is mostly a Hindu nation with only 10% of the population being Buddhist, despite the predominance of Buddhism in its culture and architecture. See, Hindus began to view Buddha as an avatar of the Hindu God Vishnu many years ago, thus for them it’s completely acceptable to be both a Hindu AND a Buddhist. Buddhism is more like a philosophy or way of life than an organized religion. The two most impressive stupas in Kathmandu are Boudhanath, the largest and most majestic stupa in all of Nepal, and Swayambhunath, also known as Monkey Temple because to the monkeys that live there.

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  • Hike to Shivapuri Hill:

The national park that is nearest to Kathmandu is Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park. It is a fantastic alternative among all travel locations because it is only 12 km from the heart of Kathmandu. At 2,563 meters above sea level, the Shivapuri hill is the second-highest hill close to Kathmandu. The 159 square kilometer national park is home to numerous bird, butterfly, animal, and fungus species. To reach the park’s entrances in Budhanilakantha, one might use a private or shared car. To reach the peak, you must climb for about six hours over a distance of 15 km. However, you can go to other locations along the hill if you choose. Bishudwar and Baghdwar are particularly well-known and provide a variety of waterfalls and stunning views.

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  • Enjoy Panauti’s Homestays’ Warm Hospitality:

The village of Panauti, which is only 32 KM south of Kathmandu, is a great illustration of the rural Nepal’s marvels and is a wonderful day trip from the city. which is best? You can prolong your stay and spend the night in one of the many family homestays to experience true Nepalese hospitality and hear some fascinating tales from the locals who make Nepal such an excellent location to visit. And yeah, it’s fun to take stunning pictures of yourself walking across the several hanging bridges in Panauti.

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  • Take in the incredible views of Changu Narayan:

Why visit: Visiting Changu Narayan is a simple addition to a day in Bhaktapur. This small town is located in the east of the Kathmandu Valley, just north of Bhaktapur, is perched high on a hill, and it offers picturesque views of the city. The oldest existing temple in Nepal is a part of a complex that dates back to the fifth century. Changu Narayan is a Unesco World Heritage Site, but it is rarely overrun with tourists unlike the major cultural attractions in Kathmandu.

What to see: The Living Traditions Museum is worthwhile of your time in addition to the temples. After the 2015 earthquakes significantly damaged the magnificent old rest-house where it was located, the museum had to spend years being renovated.

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