Nepal in December : What It’s Like to Travel at This Time of Year

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A sight to behold is Nepal, a little nation tucked away in the heart of the massive Himalayas. With clear, sunny sky in winter, its majesty and attraction are even more pronounced. Although it may not be a popular choice, December can really be a surprisingly good time to visit Nepal.

Nepal is experiencing the beginning of winter; thus certain locations may be chilly. On the good side, though, this time of year is generally dry in the nation. In the high elevations, nighttime lows can reach well below zero.

However, the weather will be good during the daytime both in the lowlands and in Kathmandu. Therefore, December is still an excellent time to visit Nepal’s national parks and valleys without having to contend with peak tourist season crowds.

The ideal month for short treks, hikes, and excursions of Nepal is December. Because of the growing cold, fewer people are trekking on the well-traveled trails, but more people are taking tours of hill towns, valleys, and tropical jungles.

The Everest and Annapurna trekking trails are less crowded by December. When at a high altitude, the minimum temperature falls below -10°C. The first half of December is ideal for popular treks if they are properly prepared.

For the Chitwan, Pokhara, Lumbini, and Bardia tour of Nepal, this month is referred to as the shoulder season. In Lumbini, which is still dry and warm, the number of Buddhist pilgrims is rising.

The ideal month for short treks in Nepal is December. During Christmas and New Year’s, a brief resurgence of the tourist season is caused by the influx of domestic and Asian visitors.

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Nepal in December: Weather

Nepal’s weather is utterly unpredictable. The weather can quickly vary from pleasant to unpleasant depending on the region of the country you intend to visit.

In contrast to other times of the year, December is significantly more tranquil and pleasant. The average temperature in Kathmandu, the nation’s capital, ranges from 20°C to 4°C. The majority of the day is spent in the sun, especially at noon when the temperature reaches 20°C.

But as soon as the sun sets, the temperature drops precipitously to less than 10°C till midnight. In December, the skies are unusually clear, which gives the entire Nepalese country a good deal of warmth.

In some areas of Nepal, December temperatures could reach up to 31°C. Around the mid-hills and higher Himalayan highlands, snowfall is frequent. despite the fact that the majority of the year is spent with snow in these places.

The temperature rapidly drops as you ascend in altitude, reaching as low as 1°C in the high Himalayas. Therefore, to combat the lowering temperatures, trekking and hiking require special equipment and preparation.

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Nepal in December: Trekking

For popular trips to Everest base camp and Annapurna base camp, early December is optimum. The weather in December is dry, sunny, and pleasant for a hike.

The trail becomes less packed as the main mass begins to turn around. Colder nights are the only negative. The Everest base camp journey will have a minimum average temperature of – 10°C, with the coldest location being Gorekshep in December.

The minimum temperature at base camp during December will be -10°C, with the average minimum temperature of the Annapurna base camp trek being -4°C. Some of the recommended Treks in December are: Poon Hill Trek, Short Everest Trek, Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Langtang Trek, Kathmandu Sightseeing and many more.

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Why Spend December in Nepal?

There are many things to do in Nepal in December even if it might not be a high-season month for travel there. A couple of them are listed below.

  • Lower prices: Following the high season (September to November), Nepal’s lodging and activities are typically more affordable. Take advantage of the discounts when you are visiting the nation in December.
  • Take in the views: In December, the Himalayas have stunning scenery. This is mostly due to the bright skies and sunny days. Additionally, considering Kathmandu’s favorable daytime temperatures in this month, you won’t feel uncomfortable when taking a sightseeing tour around the city.
  • Hunting wildlife: December is a wonderful season to find animals in these natural reserves, even if spring can be hot and muggy in national parks like Chitwan and Bardia.
  • Trekking: In December, it might not be a smart idea to attempt to reach the base camps of Mount Everest or Mount Annapurna. However, there are several of routes in Nepal that are lower than 4,000 meters that can be enjoyed this month. An excellent substitute is a Poon Hill hike or the 3,800m-elevation Langtang Valley excursion. You will see less tourists if you hike along these trails in December, which is a benefit.

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December in Nepal: Travel Tips

  • For the cold, pack your finest. For short hikes, add warm clothing. For the hike to base camp, you need down coats.
  • Carry a hot bag or flask to keep warm while you sleep.
  • Even though there are fewer hikers on the main trails, short treks and tropical locations like Lumbini, Chitwan, Bardia, and other Buddhist places are still in season.
  • It is a short trekking season once more, so plan ahead if you are traveling between Christmas and New Year.

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Important Information Before Traveling to Nepal in December

Since the majority of Nepal is in a chilly climate, pack extra woolens in addition to your comfortable clothing. Make sure to have warmer jackets and wool hats if you intend to hike on the trails. It will be less expensive if you make bookings for your hotel and tickets in advance.

You should not worry if you are planning an unplanned trip because it will not be difficult to secure reservations since it is the off-season. Consider the number of days you want to spend in Nepal when planning your schedule. Higher altitude excursions should be better prepared with heavier clothing and sleeping bags.

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