Female Tour and Trekking Guide in Nepal

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To improve the representation of women in Nepal’s tourist industry, female guides are available for Nepal Treks, Nepal Tours, and other travel-related activities. This is a further step toward empowering women in Nepalese culture. It is a good idea to go with a female guide because they are kinder and more accommodating with timing. They also make the greatest friends for single female travelers who find it strange to stroll with a man guide. The number of female tour and hiking guides in Nepal has drastically increased in recent years. Nowadays, there are a lot of requests for female guides. Travelers who adjust to having female guides with them are more dependable and secure. However, this does not imply that the male guides are not providing security.

Why Female Tour Guide?

It’s a terrific question, to be sure. If you are visiting Nepal and want to hire a guide, you must be concerned about hiring a female guide. whether you are taking a tour of the city or hiking a mountain. The finest tour guides are always female. In every way, they offer you better guidance than the male. Take a female guide whether you are on a trek or a tour. Female tour guides must pay a lot of money, as was already said, to obtain licenses for tours and treks. They are unable to keep their money without finding employment. Being a guide in Nepal requires a significant commitment. Therefore, if you’re a traveler, please be concerned because you’re not much of a threat to them. Female guides are the best choice for single female travelers since they provide them with a friend with whom they can share experiences, communicate more effectively, and feel comfortable. For a woman traveler who prefers to take a female guide, female guides are better.

Safety and Security:

Although traveling in Nepal is relatively safe, it is always a good idea to have a guide with you. The female tour guide genuinely cares about your security and safety. It is preferable to trek with a female guide because they are more knowledgeable about what to do and what not to do if you get sick while out on the trail and will learn what to do if you have a significant issue.


The people that travel with you will be your guides. The female members of the guide team are all very kind, ready to help, and very useful. For reasons of convenience, to prevent sexual harassment, and to better understand their issues while on the trail, many female trekkers want female guides. Both female trekkers and female trekking guides benefit from the practice of using female trekking guides.


Female guides from Nepal are knowledgeable about the geography, history, varied cultures and traditions, festivals, and various wild species of the nation. You will surely benefit from a female guide’s wide experience as you learn about every facet of Nepal. The entire time you are on your hiking trips, all-female guides work well with you and give you accurate information.

Knowledgeable of culture and nature:

You can learn more about history, culture, and religion from guides because they have both theoretical knowledge and actual field visit understandings. They have the knowledge, expertise, and training necessary to debate regional, national, and even global issues. When you visit a shrine, you will learn about the corresponding locations, their significance, the reasons they are well-known, and the kind of lifestyles the locals lead.

Adhere to the Itineraries:

The phrase “throwing a stone in the ocean” describes the risk of traveling alone in an unfamiliar location. There may be a bewildering array of complicated pathways, particularly in trekking. If you are hiking alone, it’s possible that you will miss the path that could take you to your next location. As there are numerous hiking possibilities in the same area, it is possible to become confused by the routes. The guide directs you to the proper trekking routes, takes you to the most well-known viewpoints, important locations to see, and selects the finest lodging option. As a result, it is always a good idea to go with a leader.

How Can Female Trekkers Find Female Trekking Guides in Nepal?

You can find a ton of travel and trekking businesses on Google. They are frequently connected to female guides. Once they have received their license from an approved company, some tour and trekking guides are totally committed to the businesses. They are constantly accessible. If a company has any female guides, you can discover their list on their website. You can also employ independent female tour guides, but you might not feel fully secure doing so. You should thus reserve your tour with a reputable travel agency that employs totally responsible female tour and hiking guides.

How much does a female Nepalese tour or trekking guide cost?

Since there are significantly less female tour/trekking guides in Nepal than there are male ones. As a result, their price is somewhat higher than that of male guides. Although the cost of the guides may change depending on the circumstance and the number of the group. Female tour/trekking guides cost, on average, $25 per day.


The phrase “women empowerment” is ubiquitous these days. The travel industry, like many other industries, gives women the chance to lead people from different countries. In an effort to promote gender equality, the idea of a female trekking guide was developed. A culture of female trekking guides has been developed in Nepal by a number of travel, tour, and trekking organizations. In today’s male-dominated culture, women are underrepresented in entrepreneurship. Particularly in rural areas, the majority of women are engaged in domestic work. By choosing a job as a hiking guide, women are gaining ground in the tourism industry, particularly in the hiking sector. As they visit various locations, they have the chance to learn more about local cultures and the surrounding natural environment. They are also dependable and compassionate, so you can simply share your issues with them while traveling. With the female guides’ assistance, the trip’s risks can be quickly resolved.

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