Things to do with kids in Nepal

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There is no other nation with as much culture, history, adventure, and beauty as Nepal. It is simply breathtaking. People bring their children to Nepal for a variety of reasons, so you might travel for a three-month visa extension or a two-week family vacation. If your children are 6 and older, Nepal is an exhilarating playground where they can enjoy shorter hikes, mountain biking, rafting, and wildlife, in addition to Kathmandu’s bazaars, which are an intriguing assault on their impressionable senses. Any western youngster would have a beautiful and unforgettable time traveling to the Nepalese countryside, staying with a native family, and experiencing traditional Nepali living.

There is no denying that Nepal is evolving into a more family-friendly country. Even the easier treks did not have much access or safety built in, as is the case with many trekking regions, the Annapurna being a notable example. However, when you consider the young, the elderly, or the disabled, these factors have become a safety net and a mark of accessibility, especially for families with young children of five years and upwards. Adventurers now trek with mobile technology, the internet reaches everywhere, plus there are roads running up into the ranges, which many people consider a problem. Families that want to travel together and explore, whether it be on foot in the mountains, by bicycle in the valleys, or by spotting wildlife in the forest, can consider Nepal.

These are the top things to do in Nepal with kids.

Ideas for family-friendly activities in Nepal. Nepal is the ideal destination for a family vacation that is outdoorsy, active, and full of cultural attractions. Bring curious, adventure-loving, adventurous eaters.

  • Spot tigers and rhino at Chitwan National Park.
  • See the monkeys at Swayambhunath, the monkey temple.
  • Try local dishes like momos and dal bhat, take a cooking class
  • Tour Kathmandu on a cycle rickshaw.
  • Take your kids trekking.
  • Jungle adventures and rafting.
  • Scenic flights and scenic lookouts with incredible views.
  • Shop for souvenirs in Kathmandu.
  • Enjoy peaceful parks and the great outdoors.
  • Row boats in Pokhara.
  • See the spot where Buddha was born and explore the International Peace Park at Lumbini
  • Marvel at the ancient temples, stupas, and squares in the Kathmandu valley.

Shopping and eating in Thamel:

The primary tourist area is Thamel, which is crowded with hiking shops and festooned with prayer flags. Hold on to your tiny ones tight since a few streets have been blocked off to cars, yet motorbikes will still zoom by. If you’re going to the mountains, stock up on trekking equipment at the last minute. Hiking sticks can be purchased here as well. But be in mind that many of the items for sale have false North branding. When you’ve finished shopping, go to a rooftop restaurant. Pizza, fries, pancakes, and ice cream are among the menu items that are always suitable for children.

Have a run around at The Garden of Dreams:

The Garden of Dreams is the only green space in the center of Kathmandu where parents may unwind while letting their children play. You are welcome to bring your own drinks and picnic items, and there are even mats and cushions set up for use. Though you should expect to share the lawn with some locals who are canoodling (supposedly the best place in town to bring a date), it is a nice place to spend an afternoon amidst the commotion of Thamel. Foreigners must pay 200 rupees to enter.

Nagarkot Tour:

A beautiful vantage point for the Everest, Langtang, and Gaurishanker range Peaks is the well-known tourist hill of Nagarkot. You can take in the magnificent sunrise view of the Himalayas if you can stay an extra day. The dispersed villages, lush hills, and gorges may all be seen in Nagarkot. It’s similar to taking your kids to a scenic overlook to make them feel like they’re in paradise.

Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour:

Chitwan National Park is located in the lowland part of Nepal, which can be reached by 6-hour drive, 30-minute flight, from Kathmandu. 932 sq km make up the national park. Along with elephants, deer, crocodiles, snakes, and bird species, it is the home to Royal Bengal Tigers, one-horned rhinos, and other wild animals. During your Chitwan wildlife safari tour, there are many activities to do. Safari on an elephant, bird viewing, canoeing and photography, safari in a jeep, elephant bathing, a visit to an elephant breeding facility, a Tharu cultural presentation, and a private Tharu village tour are all available.

Pokhara Tour:

A chance to get lost in nature is provided by Pokhara Tour. To see the sunrise above the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Himalayan chain, you can drive to Sarangkot. After that, you can take a Pokhara sightseeing day tour to experience the city and go boating in Phewa Lake. Mahendra Cave, David Falls, the Seti River Gorge, the mountaineering museum, and many other attractions are among Pokhara’s tourist attractions. Kids will find it fascinating to discover this incredible city and sail on the lake.

Everest Base Camp with Kids

If mountains are the focus of your journey to Nepal, trekking to Everest Base Camp must be the pinnacle adventure. Despite difficulties, it is doable if you use common sense and give yourself enough of time. The perils of altitude, yaks, and illness are actual concerns. thus exercise additional caution when in the air. For children under the age of 14, higher altitude hiking or trekking is not advised.

Walking is the only way to view this region of the globe, the high Himalayas. Without a doubt, it is completely and utterly breath-taking. both spiritually and aesthetically. Your children will see distinct civilizations that few others have encountered or comprehend, as well as an abundance of native plants and creatures. As they observe porters lugging loads of up to 100 kg at altitude for several days and observe how villagers eke out a life from the soil and livestock, they will leave with a fresh perspective on what is humanly possible. Their perception of their physical and mental capacities will change. Walking can either be a quiet time for reflection or a chance for conversation with loved ones, trekkers from different backgrounds, or locals. Up mountains, you meet the most fascinating people. Nothing is more lovely than daybreak over the Himalayan snowfields.

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