Things to do in Nepal in Autumn

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In Nepal, autumn is the best season for vacations. Nepal’s autumn season runs from mid-September to Late-November. The daytime temperature is around 20°C, and the weather is often dry and sunny. Due to the ideal climatic conditions, October is a popular travel month in Nepal and is a great time to enjoy hikes and treks. In October, it is recommended to have a lightweight jacket on hand because the evenings can get a little chilly. However, since it gets colder at higher altitudes, those who intend to hike and go on climbing trips should pack appropriate gear.

There are several hidden locations in Nepal that are frequently made available and promoted as the greatest depending on the time of year. Many natural sites are best viewed during specific seasons. Additionally, you must take in mind the atmospheric impact of the designated locations if you intend to visit Nepal’s natural beauty. The Nepali people prepare for the harsh winter during the autumn season by celebrating important festivals and feasting. Once the monsoon has passed, you may enjoy hassle-free transportation to your destinations and flexible travel schedules. Here is a list of things to do in the autumn to make the most of your visit to Nepal with the changing leaves.

Go to Everest/Annapurna/Lang tang Base Camp Trek:

The finest months for trekking in Nepal are October and November, particularly in the high-altitude area. If you’re considering a trek in Nepal during this season, consider the Langtang Gosaikunda Circuit Trek, the Annapurna Base Camp, or the Everest Base Camp. Trek alongside Nepalese storyteller guides. Kameleon Vacations It is reasonable to anticipate beautiful landscapes when the weather is nice. Reach the base camps of the 10 tallest mountains in the world, Mt. Annapurna (8091 meters), and Mt. Everest (8848 meters), as well as the Langtang Circuit Trek, which includes the Langtang valley, Gosaikunda Lake, and the Helambu valley.

White Water River Rafting:

Everyone is familiar with trekking, but did you know that one of the greatest sites for river rafting is Nepal? Yes, it is, and October is a great month to go river rafting because the rivers have just finished their rainy season. Long rivers wind across stunning scenery. The water sport is interesting because of the hills, mountains, and forested surroundings. The pricing is fair, the guides are knowledgeable, and the guides are nice.

Day Tours:

What a simple and convenient approach day trips are to learn about the local way of life. Day excursions often last anywhere from one day to a maximum of four days. The shortest day trip, also known as a one-day trip, consists of a mountain flight, a brief hike to the closest hill station, and a profound visit to the well-known historical and religious buildings classified as UNESCO World Heritage sites in the capital city. You can add an extra day to your itinerary to see the other two significant cities, which are as artistically and historically rich while retaining their individual characteristics and values. It also includes a trip to well-known temples and shrines. A three-day visit of Nagarkot, Chisapani, and historical sites is typical. The popular and appropriate Pokhara tour can be taken either independently or in conjunction with a visit to the Kathmandu Valley and the nearby hill towns of Sarangkot and World Peace Gumba.


Another sport that is unquestionably worth doing in October is paragliding in Nepal, which offers crystal-clear blue sky and breathtaking mountain views. In fact, Pokhara is the best location in the world for tandem paragliding, so if you have the chance, take advantage of it. Are you therefore prepared to soar high like a bird? One is accompanied by an experienced instructor, and the activity is quite safe. Prepare to be amazed as you take in the breathtaking vistas of the mountains and the crystal-clear lakes below.

Jungle Safari:

Oh, okay. Why don’t you go on a wildlife safari in Nepal together with other things to do? The most popular destination in Nepal for a jungle safari is Chitwan National Park. Meghauli Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour (02 Nights/03 Days) is arranged by Nepal Kameleon Holidays to provide you with a tranquil getaway from the bustling city. Most people visit Sauraha Chitwan, but we also provide Meghauli side because there won’t be many tourists there and the hospitality won’t need to be described. Three meals per day—breakfast, lunch, and dinner—along with various activities like an elephant-back jungle safari, village tours, bird watching, and canoe rides—are provided during the journey.

Explore Old Cities:

Do not be deceived by the glitter of big cities. In the Kathmandu Valley alone, there are numerous historic lanes that are just waiting for you to discover. Learn about the ingrained cultural values that define indigenous people, their culture, and customs by visiting old towns like Tokha, Khokana, Kirtipur, Sankhu, Panauti, and Dhulikhel that are close to the Kathmandu Valley. Bandipur, Gorkha, Lamjung, and Besi Sahar are a few well-known locations where you can experience both the roughness of traditional ways of life and the balance of modernization. These are the best home stay services available. Home stays provide you an authentic look into local culture and way of life and allow you lots of opportunities to engage with your hosts and their neighbors.

Things to do in Nepal in Autumn FAQs:

What is the weather like in Nepal in October?

In October, Nepal experiences daytime temperatures of about 20 °C. For exploring and being outside, the weather is dry and comfortable.

What are the top activities to do in Nepal?

There are a ton of incredible activities you can engage in Nepal, such as paragliding in the Pokhara valley, mountain biking in the Kathmandu valley, trips to Mount Everest by helicopter, seeing temples, and so much more.

What is the best time to visit Nepal?

The ideal time of year to visit Nepal is in the autumn. You will discover a great deal of stunning natural scenery during this time, with a clear sky and a serene environment. Nepal lets the world see its full glory in the months of October and November.

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