Yoga Trek in Nepal: Is going worthwhile?

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The Nepal Yoga Trek blends the two most distinctive traditions of Nepal. A deeper understanding of the inner and outer environments is made possible by incorporating yoga into the hiking experience. Through regular meditation, yoga, stretching, and hiking amid some of the most breathtaking scenery on earth, the body and mind are awakened. Combining these factors results in a more rewarding experience that frees the mind for greater relaxation and deeper awareness, all while taking advantage of the stunning natural setting afforded by the Himalayas. Anyone interested in healing their body, mind, and spirit can participate in the yoga trekking program, which is available to all experience levels and age groups.

Though many yogis travel to the sunny beaches of southern India to improve their skills, there’s nothing quite like doing downward dog or engaging in meditation in front of the tallest mountains on Earth. Before you can say Om-M-G, you’ll be booking a flight after reading this compilation of the top yoga treks, retreats, and adventures in Nepal, including a luxury yoga trek through the Annapurna and a yoga rafting trip down the Sun Kosi. Due to the need for a yoga teacher to join and guide the group, the majority of yoga excursions have set departure dates. Having said that, yoga retreats and classes are offered all year long. And if you’re a teacher or are traveling with a group, you can always make your own yoga trip special.

Reasons to practice yoga in Nepal when trekking

Yoga is a methodical approach to stretching and movement that can break through all of our physical restrictions. By way of circulation, a blockage develops on our body and enters the nerves. Contrary to popular belief, yoga also incorporates pranayama and meditation as integral parts of its practice. Even the awareness of our actions fits within the yoga category. This definition includes walking as a form of yoga. As a result, we apply the broad definition of yoga while practicing yoga, pranayama, and meditation in this package of yoga trekking in Nepal. A breathing activity called pranayam helps revitalize our nervous system. It may remove every obstruction on our bodies and maintain us healthy.

Why Yoga Trekking in Nepal?

Yoga Trekking in Nepal was conceived as a wonderful way to experience the country’s natural splendor and engage in the practice of yoga in its historical origins. Ancient yogis and sages lived in and performed their yoga throughout the huge Himalayan range. The Himalayan environment served as a natural enhancer of the yogic vibrations that assisted practitioners in progressing their practice. Nothing compares to doing yoga while traveling, and there is no better place than Nepal’s Himalayas to do it. This exciting excursion offers the chance to experience the Himalayas. Yoga makes hiking in Nepal, which is already an adventure to explore the wilderness and beautiful beauty of the mountains, even more amazing. Yoga is another exciting way to explore one’s inner self. Yoga at high altitudes will excite you if you incorporate it into your Everest base camp trek. Along with your journey to Annapurna Base Camp, you can practice yoga. Yoga may actually be incorporated into any Himalayan hiking package. Given the origins of yoga, the Himalayas are complementary to one another.

Everest Yoga Trek:

As you engage in high-altitude yoga and meditation on this once-in-a-lifetime journey in the Everest region, which ought to be at the top of every yogi-bucket trekker’s list, channel your inner Tenzing Norgay or Sir Edmund Hillary. The route primarily follows the Everest Base Camp trail for the first half before turning around after an overnight break in Pangboche (13,040 feet), which is halfway between Tengboche and Dingboche. However, there are more stops and fascinating excursions (such to Thame). You will be steeped in Tibetan-Buddhist culture during this period and will stay in a variety of specially selected teahouses and upscale lodges.

Annapurna Yoga Trek:

a stunning and rejuvenating trip through the heart of the Annapurna foothills (highest elevation: 6,160 feet), where you’ll be sleeping at lodges, the best places to stay for trekking in this area. Enjoy silent meditation walks, half-day treks between lodges, and (of course) outdoor yoga as you take in the breathtaking surroundings — that is, the holy mountains, subtropical forests, rhododendrons, green terraced hills, traditional Gurung villages, and Buddhist chortens — just before the monsoon season begins. Every day, you’ll practice 1.5 hours of yoga, with a 30-minute silent meditation walk in the morning to get you going and a yin-yang or slow yoga session in the evening to quiet you down.

Yoga Retreat in Kathmandu Valley:

On this yoga retreat below Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park, which has grounds home to blossoming trees, butterflies, dragonflies, and approximately 75 species of birds, it’s simple to ignore the noise and bustle of Kathmandu (read: dust and traffic). Start each day with a 15-minute invigorating yoga session, then a 30-minute silent meditation stroll. Then engage in an activity like meditating in a Buddhist monastery, hiking to Nagi Gompa, a 100-year-old Buddhist nunnery in Shivapuri Hills, or speaking with a Buddhist Lama about philosophy and dharma.

Yoga River Rafting on the Sun Koshi:

One of the top 10 rivers in the world for whitewater rafting, Nepal’s Sun Kosi is ideal for “zendrenaline” junkies (and novice rafters, too) who want to relax on the river’s white sandy shores while conducting sun salutations and breathing om after riding Class III+/IV rapids. You’ll be waking up in your tents each morning to practice yoga at dawn throughout this yoga rafting trip, which begins in Dolalghat (a 3-hour drive from Kathmandu) and concludes in Chatra. Classes incorporate hatha, vinyasa, and traditional yoga. You can also participate in an evening session if once a day isn’t enough. And you should because, after a day on the river, your body will be more flexible and warm, enabling you to engage in deeper stretches and postures in a more intense flow class.

Is a trip worthwhile?

Everyone wants their holiday to be filled with fantastic memories, fun activities, and a laid-back attitude. The vacationers benefit in terms of mental tranquility. Yoga Trekking in Nepal is a thrilling alpine activity that is a must-do for anybody traveling to the region. You discover your inner and exterior worlds and create memories that you will treasure forever. Whether you are an experienced yogi or a newbie, yoga trekking is unquestionably the journey that is genuinely worthwhile taking. It’s more vital that you like hiking and exploring your innermost self.

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