Trekking / Hiking Gear Rental or Purchase in Kathmandu

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One of the most significant components of trekking is hiking gear, and having appropriate trekking gear makes your trip more fun. The streets of Kathmandu’s Thamel are lined with a profusion of businesses catering to trekkers of various styles and budgets. It has about everything a traveler could possibly need. From one-star (or basic!) guesthouses to exquisite 5-star hotels, groceries, hiking and trekking equipment, local food stalls and restaurants, laundry facilities, local markets, hair salons, spa centers, and much more are all available. Thamel is a backpacker’s paradise, with shops selling trekking and mountaineering gear. If you’re looking to rent or buy hiking gear in Kathmandu, head to Thamel. Several gear stores surround the street, offering all you need.

Where can I rent or buy trekking equipment in Kathmandu?

Thamel is a tourism hub in Kathmandu that caters to the demands of tourists, particularly trekkers. You’ll find everything from five-star hotels to bed and breakfasts. Cafes and restaurants serve a variety of cuisines. If you wish to buy souvenirs or gifts for your loved ones, Thamel has a wide range of possibilities. Furthermore, it is densely populated with shops that sell and rent trekking equipment. If you plan to trek frequently, you can purchase your own equipment. If you don’t trek often, renting trekking equipment is a cost-effective solution. A rental business will be easy to locate, but a rental warehouse will be tough to locate. Inquire with your guide or travel agency for ideas on where to rent equipment, since they will be able to point you in the right direction.

Authentic Equipment for Rental

Small warehouse businesses in Kathmandu that rent authentic expedition equipment are a good money-saving choice. Genuine cold-weather apparel and specific items that are only needed in Nepal are refurbished at these locations. For crossing a high pass, you might want a strong down jacket and down pants. These goods can be rented for less than a dollar each day and returned at the end of the trek. The easiest way to find a good rental shop is to ask your guide for a recommendation. Many guiding firms have business links with reputable rental shops and can assist you in finding a suitable location. Once inside, it shouldn’t be too difficult to tell if the equipment is genuine—a good place to start is studying the insignia. Check for adequate fill, since older goods may be short on it. Also, don’t be scared to inquire about additional possibilities.

Purchasing from the Big-Name Stores

Big-name outdoor gear brands like Mountain Hardware and The North Face have developed a presence in Kathmandu due to popular demand. The shops are located on Tridevi Sadak, which is a short walk from central Thamel. You can acquire anything that was neglected prior to leave there, and it will be assured to be authentic. The stores are marginally less expensive than their Western counterparts, but not by much (around 5 percent cheaper with limited styles).

Cost of Trekking/ Hiking Gears in Kathmandu

In Kathmandu, Thamel is the greatest area to acquire trekking equipment. It is a one-stop shop for mountaineers looking for hiking equipment. It is Nepal’s most popular and well-known core backpacking destination. The price list below is intended to give you a general idea of how much hiking equipment costs.

Gear           Size                                  Cost/ Items
Backpack55l to 65l          USD 40-65 per bag
Daypack25l-35l                      USD 22-34 per bag
Hiking shortsAny size       USD 20-28 per piece
Hiking pantsAny size          USD 25 – 33 per piece
Hiking shirtsAny size            USD 15 – 23 per piece
Thermal setAny size           USD 10-15 per pair
Warm fleece upper wear and bottomAny sizeUSD 20-25 per pear
Warm hatAny size                  USD 3-5 per piece
Trekking poleAny size              USD 5 – 10 per pair
Windproof glovesAny sizeUSD 5 – 10 per pair
Wollen hiking shocksAny sizeUSD 2-4 per pair
ScarfAny sizeUSD 2 – 5 per piece
SunGlassesAny sizeUSD 5 – 10 per piece
HeadlightAny sizeUSD 15 – 20
Water BottleAny sizeUSD 3 – 7 per bottle
Cost of Trekking/ Hiking Gears in Kathmandu

Cost of Renting Hiking Gears in Kathmandu

Everything you’ll need for trekking in Nepal can be rented in Kathmandu’s Thamel neighborhood. Sleeping bags, down jackets, trekking poles, and hiking boots are some of the most widely hired hiking accessories.

A high-quality sleeping bag that is water-resistant and has fur to keep you warm may be rented for roughly $2 per day.

You will be able to rent an excellent quality down jacket at a cheap price. A down jacket costs about $1 per day.

During your trek, trekking poles are likely to become your best buddy. It will assist you in reducing the amount of pressure on your knees. Hiring hiking poles will set you back roughly $1 per day.

It’s ideal to hike in durable hiking boots that have been broken in. However, if you don’t want to buy, you can rent trekking boots. Hiking boots of virtually any size can be rented for $1 per day.

Here are some helpful hints for purchasing and renting trekking equipment.

If you do not trek frequently, renting gear is preferable to purchasing. Because your foot will carry you everywhere, your hiking boots should be of the utmost significance. It is preferable to purchase and break in hiking boots before going on a journey in Nepal. International brand products are just as pricey as they would be everywhere else. If you want to complete your trekking gear set in Kathmandu, set aside at least one day to acquire or rent the necessary equipment. The majority of rental equipment prices are fair and fixed, with little chance of negotiating.

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