About us

Our mission is to give you a full chance to explore Nepal. We have various packages for you so you have plenty of choices to choose. You can choose Trekking to beautiful Himalayas or Peak Climbing or Day Tour or all of them. Our packages are very affordable with great services. We have very professional staffs that are very friendly and helpful. You will not feel any kind of awkward or uneasy with us. We aim to give you the best time of your life in Nepal.

Grab this life time opportunities to explore Nepal and capture some best moments with stories to tell it to your friends, colleagues, neighbors and even your grandchildren in future. Our mission is to let you come to Nepal and at very low budget take you near Himalayas, our country's cultures, traditions and many more.

Join us to have a meaningful holiday here in Nepal. Come with your friends, family or alone. We don't have any kind of requirements like you need be in a team. You can come alone and enjoy a single trekking in Nepal.


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