We organize several special festival treks in Nepal so that you can learn about the country's distinct culture and traditions. We tailor the trip date to coincide with the local festival, allowing you to individually explore and enjoy the sights and sounds of the festival as part of a regular trekking program.

With over 100 ethnic groups, each with its own culture and heritage, Nepal is noted for its unique culture and topography. Every day is a festival day because of the diverse culture and heritage. Every year, some spectacular and amazing festivals are held. We tailor the Mustang journey to view the Tiji festival in the upper Mustang region, which is one of many celebrations held in Himalayan communities. Similarly, every trekker has the opportunity to witness the eye-catching and distinctive local celebration - nowhere else can be seen- as a bonus when trekking in the Himalayas during the Mani Rimdu festival trek in the Everest region as part of a trekking trip.


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