Booking Terms & Conditions

You may now plan your entire vacation or only the parts that suit you with Alpha Adventure, including just the flight, lodging, rental car, and much more. The following information about the products is accessible, together with the relevant terms and conditions: 

While Booking:

  • The pricing information on the website is entirely under Alpha Adventure Treks' control. It in no way resembles other travel agencies and bears no obligations to them.
  • The website's content and quotes are based on quotes from several providers. In the event that information on the website is interpreted incorrectly, this company disclaims all liability.
  • Please follow the instructions on our website or get in touch with corporate representatives to confirm the reservation. 

Last Minute Booking
We welcome last-minute reservations with full payment (07 days prior to the tour starting date ONLY IN CASES OF NEPAL TRIPS, but LAST-MINUTE BOOKING WILL NOT BE ACCEPTABLE FOR INDIA, BHUTAN, AND TIBET TRIPS)


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