Dolpo, Nepal's largest district, has Hindu influence in the southern Lower Dolpo, but the Upper Dolpo practices Tibetan Buddhism and Bon due to centuries of Tibetan proximity. People say that Dolpo practices the purest type of Buddhism and that this secret Himalayan territory is the most affluent region for Tibetan Buddhism because of its old religious traditions and sacred sites. During his tour, Guru Rinpoche blessed the entire region in order to conquer three demons that fled to Dolpo from Tibet in the eighth century. Pilgrims travel considerable miles to visit Guru Rinpoche's footprints. Dolpo is home to a number of monasteries, some of which are among the oldest in their religion, with some dating back over 700 years. Buddhism is the most widely practiced religion in Dolpo, with Sakya, Kakyu, and Nyingma being the three major Buddhist sects.


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