Best things to do in Nepal in winter

If you find that going around to explore and study places during the summer is exhausting and feels like a lot of hard work, and the searing heat makes it less pleasurable, then winter tourism in Nepal is the way to go. Nepal is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, with over ten wildlife sanctuaries and numerous scenic valleys. Winter is usually regarded as the greatest time to visit this landlocked country, as it allows visitors to enjoy the allure of the mountains. The snow-capped mountains, along with occasional sunshine, make this an ideal spot for relaxing and taking in nature’s splendor. Here are some facts and information to take in mind if you’re visiting Nepal in the winter.

Weather of Nepal in Winter

Highest Temperature: 18 Degrees C

Lowest Temperature: 2 Degrees C

The Best Places to Visit and Things to Do in Nepal During the Winter

There are no restrictions on the number of stunning locations in Nepal. Nepal is one of the greatest places to visit during this season because of its diversity. Here are a few places to visit in the winter.

Sightseeing Tours in Kathmandu:

There are many fascinating places to visit inside Kathmandu’s area, and visiting them in the winter is much more convenient than visiting them in the summer. Basantapur, Bhaktapur, and Patan are examples of historically significant sites. Many people visit because of the pleasant weather and the best view of the Himalayas. If you’re planning a trip to Kathmandu and then Nagarkot, make sure you don’t miss this amazing valley and the trekking opportunities it offers. Explore ancient temples and monasteries in Kathmandu Valley, which was once regarded as the “abode of the Gods” and where Hinduism and Buddhism coexist in peace. Traditional cuisine, a stroll through the old Asan market and century-old stupas, and a visit to the Durbar Squares are all highlights.

Kalinchowk Tour:

The Dolakha district includes Kalinchowk. This is a good spot to consider if you’re planning a short hike. The greatest time to visit the Kalinchowk is in the winter. Tourists do not need to exert any additional effort in order to appreciate the scenic vistas. This is the ideal site to see the snowfall because it has the best views of the mountain valleys and ranges. This location is generally congested during the winter due to the presence of many restaurants. Don’t forget to enjoy the Kalinchowk’s campfire. It is also regarded as a Hindu pilgrimage location due to the presence of the gorgeous Kalinchowk Bhagwati temple. It’s a fantastic destination to see the local culture, way of life, and natural scenery. This is one of the best place to visit in the winter.

Visit Pokhara:

Pokhara is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Nepal, and it is also one of the greatest places to visit in the winter. You may go boating and relax in Pokhara’s pristine lakes, including as Phewa, Rupa, and Begnas, while admiring the breathtaking backdrop of snow-capped mountains like Annapurna. Pokhara Lake offers tranquility, beauty, and the ultimate hiking experience. Hiking, paragliding, bungee jumping, Ziplining, boating, and a variety of other adventure activities are all available in this city.

Visit the Chitwan National Park:

Chitwan is another important tourist destination in Nepal during the winter. Chitwan’s attractions include the Chitwan National Park, indigenous Tharu museums, and lovely rivers. Chitwan National Park is home to unique wild animals including the one-horned rhinoceros and Royal Bengal Tigers, as well as rare flora and fauna and a variety of bird species. After Kathmandu and Pokhara, Chitwan is Nepal’s third most popular tourist destination. This world heritage site is on many people’s bucket lists, so include it on your Nepal tour in the winter. It is one of the greatest places to visit in Nepal during the winter because the weather is moderate, making it ideal for strolling around.

Winter Festivals and Events in Nepal

Tihar: The festival of Lights:

Tihar is one of the most prominent festivals, and it lasts three days. A different deity is worshipped every day. The people offer prayers to the crow, the messenger of the bringer of death, on the first day; on the second day, they offer prayers to dogs, Yama’s custodian; and on the third day, they offer prayers to Laxmi, the goddess of wealth. Colorful lights and oil lamps are frequently associated with the scene of the third day.


In the Terai region, Chhath is one of the most prominent festivities. By meeting at the river’s edge, believers fast and offer food and prayers to the sun. The Terai regions and Kathmandu’s Rani Pokhari tank are the ideal places to see the celebration Chhath.

Maha Shivaratri:

The Maha Shivaratri, which means “night of Lord Shiva,” is one of the most important Hindu festivities. On this day, devotees give Shiva prayers and fast. They pay a visit to the temples later to give their prayers. The greatest spot to see how this celebration works is in Kathmandu. If you happen to be in Kathmandu during Maha Shivaratri, pay a visit to the Pashupatinath Temple to see Sadhus offering prayers. During this event, Sadhus commonly consume Bhang, a drink produced by combining milk, spices, herbs, and marijuana.

Best Winter Treks in Nepal:

Ghorepani Poonhill Trek:

Ghorepani Poonhill is one of Nepal’s most popular and accessible trekking spots, ideal for visitors on a short holiday vacation. This hike may be done in any season and is suitable for individuals of all ages. Trek up to Poon Hill, which sits at an elevation of 3210 meters above sea level, for a close-up view of the Fishtail, Annapurna, and Dhaulagiri mountains. You can pick between a 9-day Ghorepani Poonhill trek or a short Poonhill trek from Pokhara, depending on the length of your vacation.

Everest Cultural Trek:

On your winter holiday, set aside roughly a week to explore the Everest region. Because of the high altitude, freezing temperatures, and snow on the trail, trekking up to Everest Base Camp in the winter (January and February) is fairly difficult. As a result, itineraries leading up to the Everest View Hotel or Tengboches are planned to provide a spectacular view of Mount Everest and its surrounds. Trekking up to Tengboche or Syangboche (Everest View Hotel) is possible at any time of year and is ideal for people of all ages. Check out the Everest area culture trek or the Everest View trek itineraries to arrange the perfect hike for your winter vacation.

Langtang & Gosainkunda Trek:

If you want to combine the excitement of the Himalayas with a short journey, trek to the Langtang region. The Langtang Trek is one of Nepal’s less-traveled but rewarding trips. The Langtang Valley trek is the most accessible trekking location near Kathmandu Valley, suited for trekkers on a short holiday trip and manageable in any season. At an elevation of 4380 meters above sea level, the Gosaikunda Lake trek is also part of Langtang National Park.

Mardi Himal Base Camp Trek:

The Mardi Himal Base Camp trek is a beautiful hike that is appropriate for both novice and experienced hikers. It is located at the foot of the Mardi Himal, in the midst of the magnificent Machapuchhre. During this trip amid the little meandering pathways through lush green woods and the Rocky Mountains, you may enjoy the spectacular views of Mardi Himal, Machapuchre, Hiuchuli, and Annapurna, which is guaranteed to give you an adrenaline rush. Given the favorable weather and modest route difficulties, this is a perfect vacation place for you to visit Nepal in the winter.

The Benefits of Visiting Nepal in the Winter:

Nepal is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the winter. A traveller’s best experience is provided by the mountains, which are complemented by numerous trekking facilities. The old villages, monasteries, and mountains all have their own tales to tell. Make a point of visiting this lovely nation in the winter. If you visit Nepal in the winter, make sure you get a view of the gorgeous Himalayas and have a great trekking experience. Along with admiring Nepal’s natural beauty, be sure to participate in the celebrations that distinguish Nepal from other countries.

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