Everest Base Camp Trek Weather

Everest Base Camp Trek Weather

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Mount Everest, at 8,848 meters, is the highest peak on the planet. The Everest Base Camp trek gives you the unique opportunity to stand at the base of the world’s tallest peak. In terms of temperatures and winds, the weather at Everest Base Camp (EBC) is one of the most extreme. Throughout the year, the temperature at the base camp rarely rises above freezing, and the stinging winds that sweep through the Himalayas make it feel even colder. The coldest months of the year are December to February, when temperatures drop well below freezing even during the day, and the warmest months are July and August, when temperatures are at their highest.

Everest Base camp weather in January:

In January, winter has arrived in full force. The skies are clear, and the scenery and mountain views are stunning. In the snow-covered Everest region, an Everest Base Camp trek in January can be a unique type of adventure. Because this is the coldest month in the Everest region, the trekking paths see less travelers. During this period, you will experience the most serene treks with the most unspoiled vistas.

The weather in Everest Base Camp is frigid in January. They range from a maximum of 4°C during the day to a minimum of -17°C at night. Temperatures drop below freezing at night and early in the morning. The sun will shine for an average for 7.3 hours every day.

Everest Base Camp Weather in February:

The off-season for trekking in Nepal begins in February, with lower weather and fewer visitors across the nation. The pristine views and quiet routes make February a tempting time to trek in the Everest region—and even all the way to Everest Base Camp—if you’re well equipped for snow and cold temperatures.

The average February temperature in Namche Bazaar (11,290 feet/3440 meters) is 43°F (6°C), which isn’t too cold but certainly not warm. The sun will shine for an average of 7.4 hours every day in March.

If you hike later in the month, you might get some unexpectedly pleasant days. The skies will also be clear, with no humidity to obscure the mountain views.

Everest Base Camp Weather in March:

March marks the start of spring, which is one of Nepal’s two peak seasons. While temperatures in the mountains will likely remain chilly, and snow will likely persist in certain areas, pathways will begin to thaw. Because rain is uncommon in March, the Everest Region has a decent possibility of seeing clear mountain views. Throughout March, daytime temperatures will average approximately 7 degrees Celsius. The average minimum temperature at night is roughly -12 degrees Celsius. The sun will shine for an average of 7 hours every day in March.

Everest Base camp weather in April:

April is another fantastic month for an Everest Base Camp trip. It is, in fact, the greatest month for trekking during the spring season. The weather begins to warm up much more than it did in March, and the dry season continues. Throughout March, daytime temperatures will average approximately 7 degrees Celsius. The average minimum temperature drops to roughly -12 °C during night. The sun will shine for an average of 7 hours each day in March, while the average daily wind speed will be around 15 km/h (roughly 9 mph).

Everest Base camp weather in May:

In May, the trails to Everest Base Camp can get extremely crowded. Many trekkers in the area this month have arrived with the hopes of reaching the summit of Mount Everest. Despite the fact that the monsoon season begins in June, the weather in the Everest region in May is still pleasant for hiking. Temperature in Highs of roughly 15 degrees Celsius are expected during the day. The average nighttime temperature is around 0 degrees Celsius. The sun will shine for an average of 8 to 9 hours every day in May.

Everest Base camp weather in June:

The beginning of the rainy season is marked by the weather in June, however the rainy season truly begins in mid-June. It doesn’t always rain until mid-July. As a result, the weather in Nepal is highly unpredictable. The temperature begins to rise throughout this month, peaking at 16°C during the day and -1°C at night. This month is quieter and more serene due to a significant drop in visitors. The sun will shine for an average of 11 hours every day in June.

Everest Base Camp Weather in July:

The monsoon season in Nepal begins in mid-June and lasts through July. However, take solace in the fact that the monsoon falls throughout the summer. So even if it rains, you can expect it to be warm. In July, the average maximum temperature in the Everest Base Camp is around 18°C during the day, with a minimum temperature of 2°C at night. The number of tourists continues to fall, so if you like less people, this is the month for you. And the mountain views are breathtaking.

Everest Base Camp Weather in August:

August marks the completion of the monsoon season in Nepal, just as autumn approaches. The majority of Everest Base Camp should expect brilliant sunshine and pleasant weather in August. As the amount of rain falls, the days become warmer. You should dress appropriately because there will still be some rain. The average temperature during the day is around 18°C, with a low of around 2°C at night. Because the end of August marks the beginning of the autumn season, you can start planning your Everest Base Camp trek then, since an Everest Base Camp Trek in August is also a good choice.

Everest Base camp weather in September:

September represents the start of the Autumn season and the end of the Monsoon season, and the first two weeks of September may see some rain, while the Everest base camp trek trail fills up by the end of September. Despite the fact that September is not the hottest month of the year, it provides good weather for hikers. The weather in this section of the nation is notoriously fickle. The weather could improve or deteriorate. As a result, you should expect some rain or snow along the way. In September, the average daytime temperature in Everest Base Camp is around 17°C, and the nighttime temperature is around 1°C.

Everest Base camp weather in October:

In the Autumn season, October is the greatest of the three months. There is no probability of rain throughout this month. As a result, there won’t be any fog or clouds. So, this month’s visibility is incredible! Due to the consistent weather conditions, trekking in Everest Base Camp during this month is ideal. Almost all tourist destinations, including Everest Base Camp, are packed in October. The temperature is neither too cold nor too hot at the low or high altitudes. The temperature ranges from a high of 12°C during the day to a low of -6°C at night.

Everest Base Camp Weather in November:

November is the final month of the autumn season, so you can expect beautiful weather. The days are sunny and bright during this month. The magnificent vistas around Everest Base Camp are still visible this month. The temperature swings from a high of 6°C during the day to a low of -12°C at night during this time. The Everest Base Camp location has a dry winter season. The temperature at lower elevations is actually comfortable during this season, but there will be substantial snowfall at higher elevations. The temperature tends to drop at the conclusion of the month. It will be chilly, especially at night and at higher elevations.

Everest Base Camp Weather in December:

The month of December heralds the start of Nepal’s winter season, with temperatures in Everest Base Camp dropping day by day. In December, the average daytime temperature is around 4°C, with nighttime temperatures as low as – 15°C. In comparison to February, there are less sunny and clear days in this month. As a result of the foggy and overcast weather, you may not be able to see the snow-capped mountains clearly. The Everest Base Camp Trek is achievable and advised in December, but you must be willing to brave the cold.

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