Best Things to Do in Nepal in Summer

Best Things to Do in Nepal in Summer

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In general, the lovely landlocked country has four seasons: spring (March-May), summer (June-August), autumn (September-November), and winter (December-February). Summer days in the county are hot and dry, but once monsoon arrives, the temperature becomes humid and hot due to persistent rainfall. So, if you’re planning a summer trip to explore the country, make sure it doesn’t coincide with the monsoon season’s peak. Aside from that, the bright and sunny days of summer provide opportunity for a variety of pleasant activities in the countryside. If you’re wondering what you can do to keep yourself entertained and amused during your stay, here’s a list of activities that will make your days enjoyable and refreshing.

Set off on a jungle adventure:

On a hot sunny day, what could be better than going out on an exploration of cool breezy subtropical regions? Ten National Parks, three Wildlife Reserves, six Conservation Areas, one Hunting Reserve, and eleven Buffer Zones make up roughly 23.23 percent of the total land area of this lovely landlocked country. The rainforest safari in this lovely location, dubbed the Amazon of Asia, will inspire you with excitement and wonder. National parks such as Shivapuri National Park, Bardiya National Park, Banke National Park, Chitwan National Park, Khaptad National Park, Langtang National Park, and others, including the country’s largest and only trans-Himalayan national park, Sheyphuksundo National Park, are the main draw for outdoor adventurers.

The Chitwan National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site where you can experience heaven. The national park is a stunning wildlife paradise with rivers and jungles to captivate your senses. It was previously a hunting place for the upper crust, and it now serves as a wildlife refuge. The Bengal Tiger is the king of the forest at Chitwan National Park, and leopards can also be seen here. This is also a birdwatcher’s delight.

Trekking on a long route:

Trekking is possible throughout the year in this mountainous nation, but each season has its own characteristics that you can experience during your journey. As a result, the hot and dry roads of the summer season are preferable to the wet and damp roads of the monsoon season for long walk hiking. Everest base camp trek, Annapurna base camp trek, Langtang valley walk, Manaslu circuit trek, Upper mustang trek, and others are among the top trekking routes in the country. So, if you want to take your outdoor trip to the next level, embark on a rejuvenating tour of difficult terrain while admiring the Himalayan regions’ majestic and hypnotizing beauty. Furthermore, the opportunity to learn about the region’s culture, traditions, and magnificent religion will undoubtedly be a memorable experience. If you’re traveling with children, be sure they’re ready for this journey, which demands several hours of walking each day.

Mountain Biking:

In recent years, Nepal’s fastest-growing sport has become a key tourist draw. Exploring dirt roads, passing through dense forests, taking in the scenery, and receiving an adrenaline rush is undoubtedly one of the most thrilling activities the country has to offer. If you’re seeking for an adventure in the capital valley, mountain riding at Shivapuri national park, Lele valley, Lakuri Bhanjyang, Dhulikhel, Pharping, and Kulekhani is highly popular. If you’re looking for a week-long adventure, mountain bike expeditions such as lower Mustang mountain riding, upper Mustang mountain biking, Annapurna circuit mountain biking, Lower Everest region mountain biking, and others are the most popular options, with durations ranging from 5 to 21 days. These areas are renowned to test the bravery of the brave, and you must have prior mountain bike experience to participate in these tours, so don’t try to incorporate these lengthy route packages in your family trip. If you want a straightforward riding holiday, the Kathmandu valley cycling tour and the Pokhara valley cycling tour are the perfect combination. You can take a stroll through the city, taking in the unique culture and traditions, as well as the gorgeous surroundings of the region.

Touch the sky with Paragliding:

Paragliding is another thrilling activity that adrenaline seekers will enjoy throughout their holiday. Travelers can genuinely enjoy the breathtaking aerial view of the Himalayas and the clean blue lakes, which is one of the most famous things to experience in the country. After taking in the magnificent view from above, the paragliders can unwind by lounging alongside the lake. The location is charming and serves as a relaxing holiday site as well as a location for adventure activities.

Paragliding is also available in the country at locations such as Bandipur paragliding (1251m), Palpa paragliding, Tistung Makwanpur paragliding(5000m), Syangja paragliding, and Dharan paragliding (above 1800m), which have successfully managed to become the heartbeat of thrill-seekers. You can choose from a variety of thrilling adventure packages, including tandem flying (flying with the pilot), solo flying (if you have prior paragliding expertise), and acrobatic packages (showing off your fantastic trick in the sky).

Refreshing white water rafting:

If you’re planning a summer trip to Nepal, don’t forget to include white river rafting in your itinerary. It is a challenging yet fascinating adventure sport that takes place in Nepal’s great white water rapids. The rivers in Nepal are usually melted from the glaciers, making them ideal for rafting in moving water. Bhotekoshi river rafting (class 3,4 and 5 rapids), Trisuli river rafting (rapids from class 3 to class 5), Kali Gandaking rafting (class 4 and class 5 rapids), Karnali rafting (class 4 and class 5 rafting), Seti River rafting (class 2 to class 4 rapids), Bheri river rafting (up to class 3 rapids), Marshyangdi river rafting (class 4 If you’re new to the world of water sports, the rafting paths with up to class two rapids demand only basic paddling skills. If you already have some rafting experience and want to take it to the next level, you can choose rivers with class 4 and greater rapids.

Summer in Nepal: Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best places to visit in Nepal?

Kathmandu, Chitwan National Park, Pokhara, Bhaktapur, Annapurna, Lalitpur, Namche Bazar, and Nagarkot are just a few of the beautiful sites to explore in Nepal.

What is the best time to visit Nepal?

Between the months of October and December is the finest time to visit Nepal.

What are the best food to try in Nepal?

Yomari, Newari Cuisine, Dal Bhat, Lassi, Sel Roti, Julebi, Juju Dhau, Everest Beer, and many others are must-try meals in Nepal.

What are the best things to try in Nepal?

Trekking in Nepal, taking in the breathtaking views of the Himalayas, visiting the famous Chitwan National Park, visiting Pokhara, trying mountain biking in the beautiful Kathmandu Valley, taking a sightseeing tour in Kathmandu, or taking the Mount Everest Helicopter Tour are just a few of the amazing things you can do while you are in Nepal in summer.

Why is Nepal so popular?

Nepal is known for its tranquility, divinity, and breathtaking scenery. It is also known for being home to Mount Everest, the world’s highest summit.

What clothes to pack for summers in Nepal?

If you’re visiting Nepal in the summer, we recommend bringing your flip flops or trekking sandals, which will come in handy if it rains, as well as loose-fitting, comfortable clothing, as it can get very hot in Nepal.

What is the famous food in Nepal?

Rice and lentils (Dal Bhat) are Nepal’s main foods, which are prepared in every home. Apart from that, the country is known for its Thukpa and momos.

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