What our clients says ?

My First Trek Experience !!!

A trip to remember! My first trek was so much fun and exciting thanks to all of your aid from "Alpha Adventure Treks" and their excellent management! A kind and professional guide who knows practically everything there is to know about the area. I hope to see you guys again soon! incredibly pleased with the staff.

- Randy W. ( )
Everest Base Camp with Alpha Adventure Treks

Alpha Adventure Treks took me to Everest Base Camp; we were a group of seven, and the trip was a complete success. They provided us with an unforgettable experience and attended to all of our needs. Our safety was their top focus, and they made sure we were always at ease.
I would use Alpha Adventure Excursions for future treks without hesitation.

- Joey H. ( )
Best Trekking Experience!!

The hike to Pikey Peak went off without a hitch. The company's organization, the hotel's location, and the rise schedule. Our guide, was fantastic, really responsible, and knowledgeable. Thank you for a wonderful vacation, Alpha Adventure treks, Mr. Puru, and his staff.

- Ricardo J. ( )
The best day rafting in Nepal

We had a group of 6 and wanted to try something adventurous and Alpha Adventure suggested and planned our tour to Bhotekoshi Rafting. We were thrilled with the sports. HAD A GREAT TIME !!!

- Joe R. ( )
Festival trek to Manaslu

The region during the month of October is full of joy as this time of the year is the festival season. People who are outside of the country also return to their hometowns to celebrate this festival. So we went to the region to experience this festival and it was simply amazing. The culture, special items prepared for the fest and Ping was something I haven't experienced in my lifetime. 

- Jose M. ( )
Almost too much to comprehend

We had a good view of this spectacular mountain from afar, which added to its majesty. Our Nepalese guide spoke about it with reverence, and we were enslaved by it as well. Climbing this behemoth is both awe-inspiring and terrifying, and neglecting to be humble can lead to death.

- Elijah A. ( )
Pokhara was always my top in list to visit

I and my husband went on a private tour to Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Chitwan last year. We had a great time. The hotels we stayed in were very clean and welcoming. 

- Rani G. ( )
A most memorable adventure in Nepal

Joey, our Kathmandu contact, was wonderful from our home in Australia!
He was always willing to assist us with our (many) queries throughout the road. We couldn't be happier with everything that was provided, from the accommodations and schedule to connecting us with a city tour and our incredible trekking guide.

- Tim A. ( )
Trek after the Pandemic

I went on this trek right after the lockdown was lifted. The path was fresh as it had been closed for almost 2 years. People there were amazed to see me there. Overall the trek was a very interesting and unique experience. 

- Farid M. ( )
Highly Recommended !!!

A terrific experience with a knowledgable and articulate guide who will take you on a comfortable and detailed tour of the attractions. The guide did not rush us or put us under any strain at any of the four stops. It was unquestionably the highlight of our trip to Kathmandu. Strongly suggested!!

- Robert Jr. ( )


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