Things to do in Chitwan National Park This Winter

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Chitwan National Park is regarded as one of the best national parks in South Asia for wildlife viewing and is a spectacular example of biological evolution with a distinctive assortment of native plants and animals and little human interference.

The country’s diverse natural ecosystem, which supports some of the rarest wild animals and birds in the world, can be learned about by visiting its oldest national park. Deep inside the jungle, it’s possible to view endangered creatures like the Royal Bengal tiger and one-horned Asiatic rhinoceros foraging for food and going for regular walks. Chitwan National Park (CNP), one of the greatest tourist sites in Nepal, is known for its diverse fauna.

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You can enjoy a variety of things that are distinct from mountain climbing excursions when you visit Chitwan National Park. The One-Horned Rhino and Bengal Tiger, two distinct animals that are the last of their kind to exist on Earth and are dispersed throughout this particular large area.

One of its unique qualities is its intriguing culture, which is unmatched on the entire earth. Many tourists find that visiting Chitwan National Park is calming, therefore you shouldn’t skip it when in Nepal. In Chitwan National Park, there are lots of well-liked things to do. Elephant-back safaris, elephant baths, kayaking, jungle walks, visits to elephant breeding centers, village walks, bird watching, cultural programs for the Tharus, and watching the sun set from the banks of rivers are some of the park’s most well-liked activities.

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  • Jeep Safari:

One of the safer ways to watch wildlife in Chitwan National Park is to go on a Jeep Safari. The advantage of a Jeep safari is that it will carry you farther than an elephant-back safari would (932 sq. km.). The entire journey is jam-packed with breathtaking views of a wide variety of exotic flowers, including orchids, eupatorium, philodendron, etc.

You get a sense of the wild in this location, which is abundant with African wildlife safaris, thanks to the tall Elephant grasses that beautify it. In addition, a variety of unusual creatures, including the infamous one-horned rhino, enormous hornbills, Bengal tigers, Gharials, and others, are encountered during your excursion.

  • Nature Walking:

A thrilling activity to partake in while visiting Chitwan National Park is a jungle or nature walk. The walk gives you the chance to see wild creatures up close in the best setting, and it also makes you feel adventurous as you explore through the wilderness, which is home to many violent wild animals.

The one-horned rhinoceros, Royal Bengal Tiger, many varieties of leopard, wild boar, forest deer, and other uncommon animal species may be encountered during your jungle expedition. Wild rhinos and elephants are frequently encountered. During the forest walk, there is frequently a possibility of unforeseen encounters with wild creatures. Therefore, enlisting the help of knowledgeable guides is always a sensible choice.

  • Elephant Bathing:

Elephants protect their bodies from flies and mosquito bites by applying mud and dust as lotion. While taking a bath with the powerful elephants, tourists can play and leap into the river from the back of an elephant. The elephant’s trunk shower is a favorite among those riding on its back.

In Chitwan, taking an elephant bath is a fun jungle activity. In the deep water of the Rapti rivers, where you have the option to dip and dive as you choose, you can enjoy the company of playful elephants.

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  • Bird Watching:

You have the option of going bird viewing in Chitwan National Park. It is one of the more tranquil activities you may enjoy in the park. The enthralling vistas of heavenly birds like Eagles, Giant Hornbills, Grey Crown Prinia, Wood Peckers, Grey Headed Fish Eagles, Rocky Tail Drangos, Serpent Eagles, Hoopies, Honey Buzzards, and others abound in Chitwan National Park. You have the choice of dedicating an entire day to bird watching, which can take up to three days, or you can schedule your entire trip around it.

  • Rent Bikes and Ride to The 20,000 Lake:

In Chitwan, renting a bike is also very affordable. A nice pastime is to pack a picnic and bike to the 20,000 Lake. I would go early in the morning to avoid the afternoon heat; the trip is probably only about 30 to 40 minutes long. This is unquestionably among the nicest things to do in Chitwan, and if you want, it may be really romantic! If you want to stop for lunch, there are a couple hotels that have restaurants in them up that way. Chitwan may perhaps have some temples for you to explore.

  • Tharu Village Walk:

One of the main draws of Chitwan is the Tharus, a distinctive indigenous tribe of Nepal, and their genuine, traditional way of life. Although Tharus can be found throughout the Terai plain, Chitwan National Park is the best place to get a sense of their culture. They’ve been residing outside the park for many years, holding on to their age-old traditions and practices. They live in one-room houses made of mud and clay with thatched roofs, ochre-colored cottages, and no windows or chimneys. In addition to their ethnic language and cuisine, the Tharu culture incorporates hunting, fishing, gathering, and gardening as a way of life. The Tharu settlement in Chitwan National Park can be explored on foot or by oxcart.

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  • Elephant Breeding Center:

The breeding facility was founded in 1985 to conserve the dwindling population of elephants. There are only two elephant breeding centers in the entire world, both of which are in Chitwan. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Chitwan. Visitors have the chance to learn about the eating habits, behavior, and pregnancy of elephants. Over at the breeding facility, people are drawn in by the baby elephants. The elephants mating with the wild elephants may also be visible to tourists.

  • Canoe Ride:

The most enjoyable and exciting activity to take part in in the Chitwan National Park is canoeing along the Rapti River. The adrenaline rush you experienced during your jungle safari will instantly subside as you float through the river’s currents while taking in every second. With the view of thick trees on one side of the river and a long length of plain paddy fields on the other side of the bank, the 30-minute ride is absolutely hypnotic. If you’re lucky, you might see a few Gharial tigers lazing in the sun on the river’s banks in addition to a variety of rare birds.

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